PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      This concentrate is just about odorless, works on all insects, is highly concentrated and can be sprayed safely throughout the yard on turf and plants. Use a hose end sprayer to apply it over turf with the best sprayer being a 20 GALLON HOSE END. Pictured to the left is the 32 oz size which can treat 2-4 acres.


USE DIRECTIONS:     The exact amount of Bifen needed will vary depending you target pests but the range is anywhere from 1 oz to to 4 oz per 10,000 sq/ft of turf.

So if you wanted to use it at the 1 oz per 10,000 sq/ft rate, add 1 oz of Bifen XTS to the hose end sprayer and fill with water. Hook the sprayer to your garden hose and use the entire amount to treat 10,000 sq/ft of turf.

When treating “tough” pests or when the target pest is in thick vegetation, add 1 oz of SPREAD-X BOOST o the sprayer whether you’re using the 1 oz per 10,000 or the full 4 oz 10,000. In other words, the 2 oz of Spreader Sticker per filling of the sprayer will be sufficient.

Basically Spreader Sticker enables the Bifen to better “coat” treated areas and target pests. This will enhance the performance of the treatment resulting in faster kills, better coverage and overall, better results.



$85.00  32 oz  (753985)(N/A TO NEW YORK)
Order online and save 5%

$240.00  128 oz  (756242)(N/A TO NEW YORK)
Order online and save 5%


20 Gallon Hose End Sprayer

$18.00  (287531)(FREE STANDARD SHIPPING)
Order online and save 5%

RECOMMENDED ADDITIVE:     SPREADER STICKER – add 2.5 oz with every 4 oz of Bifen added to hose end sprayer

$15.00   (451035) 8 oz
Order online and save 5%

$25.00   (451039) 16 oz
Order online and save 5%

$40.00   (451040) 32 oz
Order online and save 5%

$100.00   (451037) gallon
Order online and save 5%

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Comments on BIFEN XTS CONCENTRATE Leave a Comment

September 14, 2014

Esther K. Seipel @ 4:39 pm #

I want to spray around our house and in particular the yard surrounding the house. The millipedes we have here in Nebraska come in the fall and we don’t see them again for another year but the time they spend with us (possibly a month) is about more than we can handle. We are currently using Tempo SC Ultra and have limited success. About 2-months prior to the millipedes we have an infestation of little black bugs that pop when they are picked up to dispose of them. Seems the day the little black “pop” bug disappears, the millipedes move in. What do you have along the line of spray that we could use? I don’t care for the granules and would rather it be a liquid added to water.

Please let me know what you think. Thank you very much!

March 15, 2015

Maurina Brown @ 10:41 am #

I seem to have a problem with chiggers. I want to treat my whole Yard. Cost is an issue, unfortunately. Please tell me exactly what I need to buy. I also would like to buy a repellant. Thank you very much!

June 1, 2015

Julia Bailey @ 8:06 am #


Seeing results. Springtails were taking over my basement. I had an exterminator and tried countless other products that didn’t even phase them. After two treatments of BIFEN I’m seeing dead bugs. I wish there was a fog type product to would take of them quicker because these bugs can hop and move to higher ground.

armina @ 3:01 pm #

I built a pine log cabin in the woods a few years ago. The flying carpenter “bugs” are drilling holes all over it. A small pile of wood dust follows the drilling. What do you recommend?

June 30, 2016

Zina Townley @ 8:09 am #


Chiggers be gone!

September 18, 2016

Beth S. @ 10:47 am #


Excellent for chiggers! We had a terrible infestation of chiggers which has been completely taken care of by this product. I used 8 oz for 20 gallons of product through hose sprayer. It has made them disappear…yay!

December 6, 2016

Debra Fleming @ 11:42 am #


I have only used the Bifen XTS once, but I like the fact the I can purchase a much stronger solution than we can buy at the regular stores. I was using Bifen since August but the solution was much weaker and I had to use more per 1 1/2 gallon sprayer. After using the XTS this week even though it costs more to purchase, it is actually cheaper because a smaller amount goes a long way and is more effective.

I think this is the worst problem I have ever had to try and get rid of. Roaches, fleas, ticks, and chiggers seem easy compared to these tiny biting flies. I am going to take your suggestion and buy the mist fogger to spray outside the house. I think it will be easier and much more effective as I can cover a larger area with less work.

Thanks to Jonathan very much for all of his help and responding to my emails in a timely manner on the identification of these flies. He provided much needed help and also thanks for all the good information you have made available via the website. I only wish I had found the website when this started back in August 2016. It would have saved me hundreds of dollars and some hope as I was about to give up.

May 27, 2017

Srey @ 3:38 pm #

Is thie Bts Xts safe around kids? We have a chigger problem in our back yard but we also want our kids to be able to play outside. Thanks.

May 28, 2017
March 12, 2018

Dolores Reed @ 8:14 am #


It has only been a couple of weeks but I already see a difference in the red ants, mosquitoes, chiggers and other pests that were destroying our outside time. Hopefully this trend will continue when the humidity returns to Florida.

April 4, 2018

Ilaha S Mehraliyeva @ 1:57 pm #

Hi! Will it help us with cicadas?

May 11, 2018

Sheree H. @ 1:27 pm #


Great product! Works as described. Very effective!

June 28, 2018

Erica @ 8:03 am #


Wicked good stuff…worth every penny! Bagworms on my previous Arborvitae! One 15′ tree had been eaten down to a Halloween decoration and I was petrified, as I have about 60 of them…if they’ll eat one they’ll eat them all! I had to act fast and thank goodness for this stuff and the fast shipping! I sprinted down the driveway and nearly tackled the delivery driver with my sprayer in-hand, ready to go. The tree in question may survive and got a solid application. Took a while but the others all got a preventive treatment as well. As of the next day there was no movement on the tree, and I feel SO much better knowing the others are protected!
Yes it’s a little pricey…but replacing mature trees is WAY more expensive. You cant put a price on ! sanity ;)-
Thank You for the quick shipping!

September 27, 2018

Minchi Peng @ 3:44 pm #


Works Great!!

October 1, 2018

Mia @ 1:10 pm #

I have a springtail problem at my home. I have treated with bifen granules and Cyonara RTS. I’m planning to begin another treatment with either Bifen XTS or concentrated Cyonara 9.7% with end hose spray. Which product do you recommend with the end hose spray?

October 2, 2018

Mia @ 1:02 pm #


Thank you for the response.
I forgot to mention. I live in Vancouver, Washington and it is about to be the rain season here. There are times we would get rain for multiple weeks. What is your suggestion treating the springtails during this time? I have been spraying the Cyonara RTS and has gone through the first quartz and they are still coming inside my house. I will get the Bifen XTS to penetrate them through the cracks and crevices.

October 31, 2018

Mel @ 10:08 pm #


@Tech Support:

Can confirm that springtail problems can take a long time to eradicate. We started treating June 2016, and just recently in summer of 2018 we finally got it under control. We used Bifen granules, Bifen XTS and phantom for indoors every 3-4 months.

Mel @ 10:00 pm #


Can’t say enough good things about Bifen XTS, and I always order from Uspray since finding them online 4 years ago. I recently had to gear up for the annual Asian Lady Beetle invasion. They arrive on the first warm day (60F or better) AFTER the first frost, and take advantage of any additional warm days thereafter. I treated outdoors with a high-concentration ratio and some Spreader Sticker after the first frost, thinking the next warm day was coming later that week, but it didn’t. Instead, it was 2 weeks and a ton of rain later but the Bifen XTS still did a fantastic job at killing on arrival. It also took care of those nasty Brown Stink Bugs. Bodies everywhere.

If you have an issue with Lady Beetles (or most any common pest for that matter) Bifen will work wonders. Don’t bother with the “pros.” A pest control service salesman come to my door this summer. I let him go into his spiel, then said we handle our own pest control. He then asked what we’re using, rattling off common store bought brands. I said we use a rotation of Bifen, Cy-kick, Phantom and Dforce. He said “oh, so you guys know what you’re doing then,” and quickly wrapped things up and left. That’s all he needed to hear knowing there was no point in trying to get us to sign a contract.

July 17, 2020

Veronica Vallejo @ 12:48 pm #


This product is excellent. It killed the springtails that were coming into my toilets and bathtubs from outside. The product took a few uses to be completely effective, but overall I am very pleased with the results. Great product!

August 30, 2020

Walter Estever Gonzalez @ 10:16 am #

Does Bifen XTS works against Cockroaches?? I have a lot of Cockroaches at home and i’m planning to mix it with NyGuard. Is that a good idea or what would you recommend?? Thanks you.

June 3, 2021

Sheree Harrington @ 8:22 am #


Extra protection. Can be used in combination with Cyonara. For added protection.

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