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February 13, 2014

Hello. I've been having a problem for several months with some sort of insect creatures. I don't know if they are beetles or bed bugs or something else. The building I live in is having a problem with bedbugs on a certain line of the building. I showed my neighbor some of the creatures on a glue trap and asked her what she thought and she said that they were not bedbugs and may be beetles and that I'm not in that line in the building that has them. However, why am I getting raised bites and itching all over my body at night? Sometimes, I see little black things fall from the ceiling onto my sofa, where I sleep. They crawl up the walls onto the ceiling. I also see light Brown and round tiny hard things, (may be eggs), and longer brown looking hard things on the floors that look like medium-brown hard chicken skins. There are little white wormy-looking things coming out of it. Then there are round small-looking hard white things that look like white crystals that are in the bed with me at night. The black marks I have as a result of the bumps from whatever creature it is, are itchy and I usually feel a stinging sensation. There are little white wormy-looking things everywhere on most of my clothes. This is an infestation of some sort. Every time I leave the house I have to check my clothes and inside of my pocketbook. I am a black person, so the marks they leave on my skin are big black ones and the bumps I get are sometimes raised-looking blisters. I see some of the round black specks that seem to be a part of them in my refrigerator and all over the floors. The Idiots seem to die there because they are in the same spot for days. If they're not there, they stick to my skin. I feel a lot of anxiety and as a result, have weight loss. I've used bleach to kill them, which almost killed me. I've used Diatomaceous Earth powder (food grade), which works if they crawl in it. I've used a natural spray product with peppermint and clove oil, which worked also, but because of the severe infestation, I cannot get to all of the bugs which are everywhere in the house. Once in a while I see just one insect flying which could be a flea or something. Maybe that's just a fly. I know many insects have similarities, but what do you think these are? I find it a coincidence that others in the building have bed bugs, but that I happen to have something else that bites me! I thank you very much for patiently reading this email. I would order but I need to know for sure. Please advise.

February 15, 2014

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