PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Demize is a low odor dust which is white and works as a desiccant on insects. Once on them, Demise cuts away at their exoskeleton and then robs them of vital moisture. This unique formulation will last over a year in treated voids. Demise is very safe to use and works mostly by dehydrating insects and not chemically like other pesticides.

TARGET PESTS:  Ants, Carpenter Ants [Eastern(Western)], Fire Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Bedbugs, Beetles, Confused Flour Beetle, Dermestids (Carpet Beetles), Red Flour Beetle, Booklice, Boxelder Bugs, Carpenter Bees, Centipedes, Cockroaches, American Cockroach, Asian Cockroach, Australian Cockroach, Brown Banded Cockroach, German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, Smokey Brown Cockroach, Crickets, Earwigs, Firebrat, Fleas, Hornets, Lice, Millipedes, Mites, Cheese Mites, Dust Mites, Palmetto Bugs, Pillbugs, Scorpions, Silverfish, Sowbugs, Spiders, Foraging Drywood Termites, American Dog Tick, Brown Dog Tick, Gulf Coast Tick, Lone Star Tick, Yellow Jackets, Wasps, Waterbugs, Flat Grain Beetle, Cadelle, Cigarette Beetle, Lesser Grain Borer, Dark Mealworm, Rice Weevil, Bees, Drugstore Beetle, Flour Beetle, Merchant Grain Beetle, Sawtoothed Grain Beetle, Warehouse Beetle, Grain Mites, Grain Weevil, Yellow Mealworms and Weevils.

RATE OF APPLICATION:  3.5 oz can treat 25-50 carpenter bee or hornet holes; 6 oz will treat 75+ holes.



$30.00  (3.5 oz jar) (452885)
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$50.00  (6 oz jar) (452832)
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September 26, 2015

Lloyd Huges @ 8:30 pm #


Carpenter bee solution ! The Drione dust and applicator were superb. I have been fighting the carpenter bees forever. The dust worked rapidly and I wish that I had found your company years ago. Thank you!!

August 1, 2016

Maureen Nichols @ 7:10 pm #


Good stuff. I haven’t used too much of this yet. I will use it once I run out of the liquid. It does work well though.

August 11, 2020

Andrew @ 1:59 pm #


That dust worked great! We had ground wasps behind our steps and out where I mowed the grass. I had tried other things but nothing worked. I squirted some drione dust in the hole and that was that. No more ground wasps! They are ALL gone. This stuff really works! Just do yourself a favor and wait until it’s good and dark before you go near the wasp hole.

August 12, 2020

Dolores Ryan @ 5:01 pm #


It has seemed to help. But having a large amount of cicada killers on property have had to locate and dust new nests three times so far.

August 13, 2020

Diana Palmer @ 7:27 am #


Must Have! Over several years…I have been fighting a battle with those circada wasps in my yard. I tried everything including hiring an exterminator. The funny thing is…they use the same thing I just bought and finally, since I have been doing this myself..being able to go out everyday and find the holes to dust them, I am finally starting to see a difference. This product WORKS! I will continue to buy it until the last wasp is GONE! THANK YOU!!!!!!! Also…the 12″ extension duster works like a dream.

August 4, 2021

Cynthia Epplin @ 7:16 am #


Bees Be Gone! Thankfully this resolved our carpenter bee problem around our outdoor dog chateaux. We had no luck with other treatments but after this, we have only 1 bee left.

September 15, 2021

Gloria @ 8:04 am #


It WORKED ! ! ! Hundreds & hundreds of yellow jackets entering a hole between our front steps & the house. Waited until dark, then along with the Crusader 6″ duster, we puffed the powder into their entrance. EASY to use! The next day the entire nest was shut down. THANK YOU – THANK YOU ! ! !

August 18, 2023

Hill Country @ 6:58 pm #

Is this safe to put on the yard? Safe for dogs?

August 20, 2023
October 3, 2023

Clint Abbott @ 7:33 am #


I had carpenter bees that crawled up the T-11 wood siding groove under the trim board and nested inside the wall. I tried conventional sprays and foams which did some good. However there were many more. I ordered the Demise dust. One night (9 pm) I used the squeeze poof duster and directed the spray into those entrances/exists. I could really hear them buzzing inside the wall. The next morning, all was quiet. A good 30 or so were dead on the sidewalk and no activity at all. I stopped up the entrances/exits with steel wool. Two days later a couple of strays came flying in but could not find a way to get in and left. The product worked wonderfully. Thank you!

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