Repel 35 Water Based Pet Spray

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Water based spray for use on dogs, cats, horses, which will control fleas, ticks, flies, lice and other biting insects for 1-2 weeks. It uses permethrin as the active ingredient and can be used as often as needed.

WHERE TO USE IT: Directly on the animal.

RATE OF APPLICATION: As much as is needed to get good coverage.

RELATED PRODUCTS FOR PEOPLE:       FLEA REPELLENT (aerosol spray)              FLEA BITE OINTMENT (for people and pets).

RELATED PRODUCTS FOR THE PET:       FLEA COMB       OXY MED ITCH RELIEF SPRAY       MELALEUCA SHAMPOO       PETCOR (alcohol based – strongest pet spray available – KILLS FLEA EGGS!!)       TRIPLE PYRETHRIN PET SHAMPOO (great smelling and very effective)       FLEA DIP CONCENTRATE       FLEA POWDER (for treating dogs and cats).

$20.00   (456136) 16 oz
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$30.00   (456137) 32 oz
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