PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Clear, odorless, molasses like material which mixes with water. Once mixed, it becomes like water. Apply it with a pump sprayer, paint brush or misting machine.

PRODUCT FEATURES:    Treatments are odorless and long lasting and get absorbed “into” the wood, not on the surface. Allow the application to cure for 72 hours and by then the treated wood will show no sign anything was ever applied. In other words, there will be no discoloration or smell since Borathor is colorless and odor free. More importantly, treated wood can be cut, stained and used for any project safely with no inherent risk following the application.

Please note: If you intend on using a wood sealer over the treatment, plan on waiting at least 2 weeks following the application to ensure the wood is totally dry prior to sealing it. Sealers like Thompson or varnish can “pull out” a range of resins, sap or solvents from the treatment which can then be visible in the finish. Paint or stain can be used within a week of being applied but sealants are best applied no sooner than 2 weeks.

LENGTH OF RESIDUAL:  Treatments will last many years. A treated deck exposed to rain and sun will be protected for 3-5 years. In the home, the treatment will be sheltered from the weather which will allow it to last indefinitely when used in attics, crawl spaces or wall voids.

TARGET PESTS: Powder post beetles, termites, carpenter ants, decay fungi, old house borers and basically any type of insect which wants to eat wood.

RATE OF APPLICATION: This depends on the thickness of the wood being treated. Mix one part Borathor to one part water and expect to get 400-1000 sq/ft protected depending on wood thickness.



$90.00   (455191) (4+ gal. $300.00 ea.)(FREE STANDARD SHIPPING)
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