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Can you tell me if the ECO Exempt ic will kill the cicada killer wasps? And how do you apply it? I had a bad problem with them last year and I’m looking for some kind of green spray for them. thanks.

ECO IC will work fine for cicada killers. Even though it’s an exempt product, we’ve seen great results with it for many pests including wasps. You’ll need to mix it at the rate of 8 oz per gallon of water and you’ll need to apply 1/2 to 1 gallon of mixed spray per nest as explained in our CICADA KILLER CONTROL article.

A good way to apply it is with a PUMP SPRAYER that has it’s nozzle removed. By removing the nozzle, the liquid will flow fast and heavy with little pressure. This insures a lot will get into the nest deep down where it counts and not “spray back” at you when treating.

Now if you find them flying over a large area in the yard, broadcast the same material using HOSE END SPRAYER. This is should be done following the nest drenching. This way if there were some holes you missed, the broadcast spray will get them.

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