We have a wide range of sprayers covering most every need for general home, yard and garden applications. This page highlights a few dependable options and helps to narrow the list of options.


ELIMINATOR 1 GALLON: Most Economical 1 Gallon Sprayer featuring a Translucent Poly Tank with Large Funnel Top, Standard Locking On/Off Valve, 12″ Curved Poly Extension Wand, Poly Cone Nozzle, ‘T’ Handle Pump


$30.00   (287488)
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SOLO 454 HEAVY DUTY SPRAYER: This is our One Gallon Pump Sprayer which is clearly our biggest seller. We have it custom built to our specifications which includes an adjustable brass nozzle, a check flow filter located at the nozzle which prevents dripping when the valve is shut off in addition to filtering the flow and a relief valve located on top of the tank. The heavy duty poly tank is both UV protected and thick enough to withstand a lot of abuse. It comes with a fixed pin stream tip and a fixed fan pattern tip as well in case the adjustable is just not able to get the right flow for your application. The wand is very durable, the spray handle features a lock on setting for continuous spraying and it is very easy to maintain and repair. We offer a lifetime warranty on this sprayer which means if if ever breaks we will repair it free of charge for as long as you own it! This sprayer is great for most applications in and around the home and can be used to apply just about any of our products. Optional pressure gauge, spray boom and relief valve cap are available.

$50.00   (287732)
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SPRAYER DESCRIPTION:     Sprayer which attaches to any garden hose and is controlled by an easy off/on switch on top. When pushed forward, the valve will be closed. When turned clockwise (straight up), the valve will be on and if the water supply is turned on as well, the sprayer will begin to spray. When closed, nothing will happen. When you want to make a chemical application using this sprayer, first add the product you want to spray.

OPERATING DIRECTIONS:  1) Place proper amount of chemical (powder or liquid) into jar to make desired number of gallons to be sprayed. Fill jar with proper amount of water for gallons to be sprayed. This sprayer can used to spray from 1-20 mixed gallons of solution. Once the desired amount of chemical and water have been added to the holding tank, stir well before reconnecting sprayer head (see mixture example).

2) Attach sprayer head to jar to prevent spillage. Firmly thread hose-end connector to the end of garden hose. Turn water valve (counterclockwise) to OFF position. This will be the forward position. Turn on water faucet.

3) To spray your mixture, turn the valve (clockwise) to the ON position. Valve must be fully open for best results. To apply your mixed solution, turn the valve back to the WATER position. To shut off water turn back to the OFF position.

MIXTURE EXAMPLE:  If chemical calls for 1 tablespoon per gallon and you want 5 gallons of finished spray, place 5 tablespoons of product into jar and fill with water to the 5 gallon mark on side of jar.

CLEANUP:  Clean sprayer and jar after each use to prevent mixture and contamination between different chemicals. Rinse jar and refill with clean water, and spray for approximately 1 minute.


20 Gallon Hose End Sprayer
$25.00   (287531) (FREE STANDARD SHIPPING)
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The rest of our sprayer line can be seen here:  SPRAYERS

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April 21, 2014

Carol Dean @ 5:48 pm #

I am looking for a sprayer to apply deer retardants to the plants in my yard. The nozzle gets clogged in all the pump type sprayers I have used. Would the hose end sprayer GILMOUR DIAL-A-MIX 499 (287526) clog also?

June 3, 2014

Terry @ 5:52 pm #

I have a horse facility. The manure goes into an open spreader which just breeds flies. Last year, I covered the spreader with a tarp and reduced the flies by at least 60%. This year, I have constructed a low tent capping the spreader. I want to fog the area under the tent from time to time to kill the biting flies that are sitting and evolving within the tent.

I was considering the Aerosol Machine 3000, but not sure if the canisters would kill the flies. So I thought about using Onslaught and just pumping the mist under the tent from time to time via a nozzle/hose system running along the top of the tent.

What would be the best way to solve this problem? The area to be sprayed is 10’X4′.

I have 3 Agri-Sprayer nozzles along the top of the tent right now. It would be easy to couple a hose from a fogger/sprayer to them so I could spray without lifting the canopy. I just need it to get the job done and reduce the number of biting flies here. Thank you!

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