when to apply maxforce fly bait

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Once the maxforce fly bait is applied, how long does it last? How often does it need to be re-applied? Thank you.

In general, you should apply some every 7 days as listed on the MAXFORCE FLY BAIT LABEL. But I would only do this if you have an active problem. The attractant used in the bait is Muscalure. Flies absolutely love this stuff and will find your placements quickly. In general, we have found it to remain active for 7-14 days but because bad weather or environmental conditions can make it go “bad”, reapplying some every 7 days will insure you get the best result if you have an active and ongoing problem.

Keep in mind we have seen really bad problems where a more frequent application rate is needed. In these cases you should apply some where you can monitor the amount you put out so if it’s all consumed, you’ll be able to tell and get more out right away. When conditions are right, the local fly population can explode and they’ll eat everything they find during these times so it’s important to have enough bait available when these surges hit.

Lastly, we have found keeping the bait in a protective station will help keep it active longer compared to just scattering it around out in the open. GRANULE GUARDS can be hung in discreet locations and will really protect the bait from dirt, moisture and other contaminates. If you must use the bait in “dirty” areas, the use of Guards can extend it’s working time significantly.

Here are links to the products and information listed above:

Maxforce Fly Bait Pail:  www.bugspraycart.com/bait/granule/maxforce-fly-bait-5-lb

Maxforce Fly Bait Packs:  www.bugspraycart.com/bait/granule/maxforce-fly-spot-bait-pk

Granule Guards:  www.bugspraycart.com/equipment/stations/granule-liquid-guard

Maxforce Fly Bait Label:  www.bugspray.net/labels/maxforce_fly_bait_label.pdf

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