rats or squirrels chewing wire in yard


I enjoy stringing mini-lights in the trees in my yard. After a few months the wires are chewed through…don’t know if rats or squirrels are doing this. I have sprayed the wires with a repellent before hanging the lights but eventually they get chewed through. I am thinking of adding the Attack Wave unit. I could plug it in nearby in a semi-sheltered area. Do you think this would work since I don’t know if rats or squirrels are chewing the wires?

The ATTACK WAVE could be used but it’s probably not strong enough to work on all the possible animal options that might be chewing on the wire. And on top of that, using it outside could be risky. I’d recommend the YARD GARD instead. It’s a lot stronger, can be powered by the AC included power supply and will control most anything that would come around.

Yard Guard: www.bugspraycart.com/repellents/sound/usd-acbatt-yard-gard-49

Attack Wave Repeller: www.bugspraycart.com/repellents/sound/usd-attack-wave

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