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Is this a concentrate that will mix up more than the amount in the bottle? Also, do you accept paypal? How many gallons will the product make? Also how often does one need to apply it? Thanks.

MULTIPURPOSE INSECT KILLER is an organic spray that you mix with water and spray with any standard PUMP SPRAYER. If you refer to it’s label, you can see more details but in general, one will mix 5 oz of it with 1 gallon of water. So the size we carry, which is 24 oz, will make almost 5 gallons of finished product.

Now since it’s organic, treatments won’t last long. Expect to get 3-7 days of residual but if ¬†you need to apply it more frequently, you can.

Lastly, we gladly accept PayPal. You’ll see it as a payment option during checkout when using our cart.

Organic Insect Killer:


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