PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Micro-encapsulated esfenvalerate which works well for most any perimeter pest. It is time released which means that one treatment will last 3+ months. It has no odor and can be sprayed with a pump sprayer or a space sprayer.

TARGET PESTS: Just about anything. Onslaught is ideal for long term control on surfaces where flying pests like to rest like flies, wasps, bees, mosquitoes, midges, gnats, noseeums. It’s also strong at keeping away spiders and scorpions.

Ants, Aphids, Asian Lady Beetles, Bed Bugs, Beetles Boxelder Bugs, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Clothes Moths, Cockroaches, Crickets, Dog Ticks, Earwigs, Fire Ants, Firebrats, Fleas, Mealy Bugs, Midges, Millipedes, Mites, Pillbugs, Psocids, Scales, Silverfish, Spiders, Springtails, Swarming Termites, Ticks, Waterbugs, Alfalfa Caterpillars, American Plum Borers, Annual Bluegrass Weevils, Apple Maggots, Armyworms, Artichoke Plume Moths, Bagworms, Balsam Woolly Adelgids, Beet Armyworms, Billbugs, Blueberry Spanworms, Cherry Fruit Flies, Cherry Fruitworms, Chinch Bugs, Codling Moths, Cowpea, Curculios, Cranberry Fruitworms, Cranberry Weevils, Cucumber Beetles, Cutworms, Diamondback Moths, Elm Leaf Beetles, European Pine Sawflies, Fall Webworms, Filbert Worms, Flea Beetles, Grasshoppers, Green Cloverworms, Green Fruit Worms, Gypsy Moth Caterpillars, Hickory Shuckworms, Imported Cabbageworms, Japanese Beetles, Lace Bugs, Leaf Feeding Caterpillars, Leaf Miners, Leaf Rollers, Leaf Tiers, Leafhoppers, Lesser Appleworms, Lesser Peach Tree Borers, Loopers, Lygus Bugs, Mexican Bean Beetles, Mole Crickets, Naval Orangeworms, Northern Pine Weevils, Oriental Fruit Moths, Painted Lady Caterpillars, Pea Weevils, Peach Tree Borers, Peach Twig Borers, Pear Psyllid, Pear Slugs, Pecan Leaf Phylloxera, Pecan Nut Casebearers, Pecan Spittlebugs, Pecan Stem Phylloxera, Pecan Weevils, Pepper Weevils, Periodical Cicadas, Pickleworms, Pillbugs, Pine Chafers, Pine Coreid Bugs, Plant Bugs, Plum Curculios, Red Pine Sawflies, Red-striped Fireworms, Redheaded Pine Sawflies, Rindworms, Salt Marsh Caterpillars, Sap Beetles, Sod Webworms, Sowbugs, Spiders, Spittlebugs, Stink Bugs, Tarnished Plant Bugs, Tent Caterpillars, Thrips, Tobacco Hornworms, Tufted Apple Budmoths, Velvet Bean Caterpillars, Walnut Husk Flies, Western Bean Cutworms, Whiteflies and Yellowjackets.

WHERE TO USE IT: Inside and outside the home. On cement, wood and well shaded substrate, treatments can last 6-12 months where the micro encapsulates can be applied away from direct sunlight. In fact it’s the only concentrate we have that makes the claim right on it’s specimen label making it a great replacement option for the now discontinued product known as Insecta. Can also be mixed with a food lure, placed in a BAIT STATION and used for baiting yellowjackets.

RATE OF APPLICATION:         One gallon will treat up to 1000 sq/ft. Mixture rates vary from 1/2 to 1 oz per gallon of water. Most homes will use 1-2 gallons per treatment. When used with SALMON PASTE or LOGANBERRY PASTE for baiting YELLOWJACKETS, add 1 oz per 16 oz of either bait. This works out to be .5 oz of Onslaught per 8 oz of either bait or .25 oz of Onslaught per 4 oz of either bait.




$110.00   (455654) 16 oz  (FREE STANDARD SHIPPING)
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April 8, 2014

Barbara Jackson @ 8:55 am #

Will birds be affected or killed if they eat the miller or other insects killed by the Onslaught spray?

August 21, 2018

ben chamberlain @ 7:29 pm #

@Barbara Jackson: Does onslaught prevent cluster flies from entering the house if sprayed on windows & siding etc?

August 22, 2018
May 11, 2015

Roddy Summers @ 5:30 am #

The description says: ‘Inside and outside the home. On cement, wood and well shaded substrate…’ Cement and wood are mentioned specifically for outside, but nothing about inside surfaces. Are there any inside surfaces that must be avoided? Thank you.

Roddy Summers @ 5:05 pm #

Thanks so much for that detailed response. I will look at the label online. The primary target pest for me right now is wasps and yellow jackets. I do not know where any nests are, but they are constantly flying around our back deck and front porch. Occasionally, I will find one in the house that I know did not come in when a door was opened. After studying your website (great site by way) I was thinking of getting the Drione Dust to spray between the boards on my deck (it is close to the ground) and around shutters and gaps between bricks. I was also planning on using it inside around electrical switches and plugs and in one room where a baseboard heater was removed but the drywall has not been repaired and there is a hole where the electrical wiring came through. Then I was also thinking of getting the Onslaught spray to spray all around the outside of the house, doors and windows and maybe all over my deck (wasn’t sure if that’s OK if I’m also using the Drione Dust there). Any advice you provide is greatly appreciated.

May 13, 2015

Diana @ 3:46 pm #

Hi…We live in a Very Wooded area…lots of high pine/Oak/evergreen trees, we have Lots & lots of Spiders….all Different kinds …so many I hate just walking outside in the summer….what do you think I should use? I have seen your different products and truly don’t know what one would be the best to get 🙂 Thx Diana

May 16, 2015

Shawna @ 1:08 pm #

We live across the road from feeder lots for chickens, cattle, pigs, and peacocks. We are looking for a product that will repel flies from our doors and patio. We have 2 dogs and our house is stucco siding. Is there a pesticide that we can spray on our siding which is also safe for the pets? Thanks in advance.

July 22, 2015

T @ 9:51 am #

Hello, I have used Drione dust from attic to bottom. I have also used a heavy duty steamer over 200 degrees to kill bed bugs (redoing over & over). Worked well but missed some or eggs hatched. Blissful two weeks of no bites have come to an end. I have multi indoor animals in home. Is ONSLAUGHT safe to animals or could you recommend something else?

August 25, 2015

Gary Koehler @ 7:00 pm #

I was about to place an order for Onslaught to take care of a yellow jacket problem when I realized it is almost end of season. Your video did not say anything about the shelf life of Onslaught. Can you help me out with that? Thanks.

August 26, 2015
August 29, 2016

Sarah @ 8:37 am #

I live in St. Louis and am getting attacked by moths at my front door every time I take my dog out at night (which can be several times). I realize that the light is a problem, but I can’t change the bulb color or do without. I’m wondering if I can spray Onslaught on the light fixtures themselves or if there is a better product for this problem? Thanks- Sarah

November 7, 2017

Christopher C. @ 11:23 am #


Great product. This works very well, especially on my particular issue of fly infestation (in a workshop/outbuilding). It cut the number of flying insects way down and that was using a very diluted mix. Very happy with this product!

November 28, 2017

Mel @ 5:33 pm #


It’s common knowledge that those annoying critters, Asian Lady Beetles, invade the second warm day after the first frost. But I didn’t know they continued to do so well into November if there are any warm days of about 55°F or better. Knowing that today was going to be at least 62°F I treated the entire surface of my house a few days ago, focusing on the beetle’s favorite entry point of windows. I was skeptical that Onslaught would do well at contact killing, but was thrilled when today I watched as they landed on the death zone and perished within five minutes. I just cleaned up several dozen or so dead beetles, and that was the most happy I’ve been performing yard work. Onslaught just saved me from finding tons of beetles INSIDE my home. Good stuff indeed.

November 29, 2017
May 3, 2018

Karen Flanigan @ 2:48 pm #

I am looking for a product to control flies year round in my house. I had good results with a pest patrol company who sprayed product around the perimeter and foundation of my home. (Company out of business)

What would you recommend? Thanks for your help.

May 4, 2018
May 11, 2018

Sheree H. @ 1:24 pm #


Great product. I was skeptical at first as to the chemical keeping the hornets away from my house but it has worked!

June 18, 2018
June 22, 2018

Marian @ 4:49 am #

I have a screened in deck porch. I get huge moths on the deck. Not sure how they get in. If I use one of the above treatments. Which is best if I have an inside cat that loves to go out on the deck in summer. I have cleaned under the deck. Only rocks. No bushes against the deck. Keep it clean. Help

June 9, 2019

Pennie Mathias @ 10:06 pm #

I just recently ordered Onslaught, loganberry and salmon paste, and insect bait stations. I am attempting to decrease the wasp population in my area. What I read before I purchased my supplies was that I should bait two stations, one sweet and one with salmon and follow up to see which one the bees are dining on and then switch the stations to their food of choice. I am not certain how much of each item to use though, and if there is a preference as to where I place the ingredients in the bait station. Also, what about bait station placement? I would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.

June 10, 2019

Pennie @ 12:06 pm #

@Tech Support: how much onslaught do I add to the bait?

October 9, 2019

Lisa M. @ 9:54 am #


We have had a terrible Miller Moth infestation in our 5th Wheel trailer for over 2 years. My father-in-law lives in the trailer on our property (his choice), and these persistent moths were overwhelming. I did some research & instantly was guided toward this company. Every word of their descriptions were mirrored in the trailer. I ordered the 2 inside spray cans. After removing EVERYTHING from the trailer, vacuuming every space, wiping it out and spraying everywhere 10 days ago, I’ve seen only 4 moths inside. Unfortunately the weather is getting colder & I cannot treat the outside until the spring, which I will do with the concentrate & pump sprayer! Seriously DELIGHTED with these products! Highly recommend!!

October 15, 2019

Lisa M. @ 1:19 pm #


Our Miller Moth infestation of nearly 3 years has been irritating. I bought the Phantom Spray for the inside which works TERRIFIC! No Miller Moths since my application. I found the ONSLAUGHT to be easy to use & works well. Slight odor which dissipated immediately. I bought a pump sprayer to apply mine. The bottle is easy to use as it allows for precise measurement of the bug spray to be added. I encourage everyone to wear the personal protective gear as described in the instructions.

November 29, 2019

Jerry Jones @ 12:32 pm #

Can you use onslaught on vinyl siding outside on house? Jerry Jones

December 2, 2019

Jody @ 4:30 pm #


We had a terrible cluster fly problem that was getting worse every year. We tried sprays, window traps, fly paper, etc…but the flies continued. Finally, I found Onslaught! We treat the outside of the house every fall and the flies are gone. So much nicer not having flies in my house.

January 9, 2020

Ken Harbison @ 11:51 am #

I live in glenhaven California next to the lake clear lake and every spring and summer we have bugs that are called midgets or rice flies. Will your product prevent them from coming or will it just kill them when they come. The reason I ask this is because they don’t have a very long life span but they’re all over the place

May 13, 2020

Lid @ 9:15 am #



April 20, 2021

J Adrian V. @ 5:14 pm #


Thoroughly satisfied. The yellow jackets in my locale have been thoroughly satisfied by the Salmon Paste Bait over the years, and I have been thoroughly satisfied with the results of the Onslaught mixed in with it.

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