PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Low odor white liquid which is mixed with water and sprayed for pest control. As a micro-encapsulated concentrate, treatments will lay on surfaces better than emulsifiable concentrates and will last longer because of this physical trait.

WHERE TO USE IT:       Outside on the foundation wall creating a wide band of treated surfaces to stop invading pests. You may need to spray the whole side of a building if the migration is severe. Also use it along the border of where mulch, turf and cement meet. Can be applied around plants and shrubs, air conditioners and decks.

Inside the home D-Fense can be used for a wide range of pests along baseboards, on carpeting and in crawl spaces.

TARGET PESTS INCLUDE BUT NOT LIMITED TO:     Ants, army worms, asian lady beetles, bees, bedbugs, bluegrass weevil, boxelder bugs, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, carpet beetles, cecid flies, centipedes, chiggers, chinch bugs, cloth moths, cockroaches, crickets, cutworms, earwigs, elm leaf beetles, elm spanworms, fall webworms, fire ants, firebrats, flea beetles, fleas, flies, fungus gnats, gnats, grass hoppers, green striped mapleworm, ground beetles, gypsy moths, hornets, japanese beetles, june beetles, killer bees, lace bugs, lady bugs, leaf feeding caterpillars, leaf hoppers, leaf rollers, leaf skeletonizers, lice, loopers, mealybugs, midges, millipedes, mimosa webworms, mites, mole crickets, mosquitoes, moths, oak worms, pantry pests, pillbugs, pine sawflies, pine shot beetles, pint tip moths, pinyon midges, plant bugs, redhumped caterpillar, red imported fire ants, sawfly larvae, scale insects, scorpions, silverfish, sod webworms, sowbugs, spanworms, spiders,  springtails, tent caterpillars, termites, ticks, yellowjackets, yellownecked caterpillar, wasps, webworms, willow leaf beetles, wood infesting beetles.

RATE OF APPLICATION:         Mix 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 of an ounce to a gallon of water and apply with any standard PUMP SPRAYER.  1-2 gallons of mixed material are generally required with the initial application to control migratory pests. You may be able to decrease the amount of material being applied once the target pest activity decreases. You may need to treat every few weeks for several weeks if the infestation is severe; once every 1-2 months to prevent new problems from developing.



$60.00   (455241) 16 oz
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$325.00   (794808) 128 oz
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February 4, 2014

George Nielsen @ 2:46 pm #

I live in a standard residential area with a land area of 6,818 sq.ft. (8,816 if you include the home on the lot). I have a chiggers nest in my yard somewhere, not sure where since I never see the little guys, so I will have to treat the whole yard. I never see them on me and I don’t get the itching reaction until hours after I have been in the yard, so it will be almost impossible to locate where they are nesting. Do you guarantee that this product will eliminate them if it is used according to your directions and can you give me any advice on which of your products to use, also how often, and in what strength? I don’t think that it is a very large nest because it doesn’t seem to bother me at normal times, only once in a while but since I am always doing something in the yard such as mowing, I am all over the yard so by the time I start itching hours later so it’s impossible to know where this nest is. If you have ever had a reaction from these guys you know how bad it gets, so I need your help in getting rid of them. Please advise, Thanks, George-

February 8, 2014
September 5, 2014

Mike @ 5:18 pm #

I’m not sure I understand your rate of application. For regular household use, how many ounces would be mixed with in a gallon of water?

June 22, 2015

Karina L. @ 6:56 am #


This product was helping me with the massive invasion of gypsy moths at my property. It is fantastic and works even with many weeks of heavy rain. I really recommend it. Thank you!

July 14, 2015

Barrett Hanson @ 5:50 am #


Best Defense! I like this product. Its as described, easy to apply and the results are obvious. I would recommend this product.

May 11, 2016

Laura Eng @ 8:57 am #

We have a cabin in Central Minnesota that we go to every weekend. Every Friday when we get there, I need to remove spider webs that have formed all over the eaves and deck railings. I would like to spray something that will prevent this and last for at least a couple months. If it also repels mosquitoes and ticks, that would be a bonus. Would this product work as a preventive?

September 4, 2019

Bev Janzen @ 10:15 am #

Is this the best product for treating clothes moths inside home?

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