BIFEN ITPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This product is odorless and easy to use. It comes in many sizes and works on most any pest. Used inside or outside the home, Bifen is long lasting and can even be fogged for mosquito control. Generally mixed at the rate of .33 oz to 1 oz per gallon of water, Bifen will dry invisible to the eye and can safely be applied to plants, turf, carpets and other areas where people and pets will be active. Odorless, easy to mix and long lasting, Bifen is a versatile and good all around product for most any pest.




$35.00   (455170) 4 oz  (FREE STANDARD SHIPPING)
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$50.00   (455171) 16 oz  (FREE STANDARD SHIPPING)
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$95.00   (455175) 96 oz  (FREE STANDARD SHIPPING)(2+  $79.00 ea)
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May 29, 2015

Frank Mangone @ 9:48 am #

I see a lot of clover mites on my brick (pavers) patio. We can’t sit on the sitting wall because you would stain your clothing.

Your articles are very informative and I would like to apply a product but am confused as to which one : Bifen IT, or Bifen XTS or the Cyonara. Which product would you recommend?


June 17, 2015

Erica Pallaron @ 12:43 pm #

I have lawn moths laying eggs, turning into sod web worms and destroying my st. augustine grass. The majority of moths are in my gardens. Is it safe to spray Bifen on my flowering plants and shrubs?

June 27, 2015

Toby @ 5:51 pm #

Never had bag worms before. But the last 2 years the have been infesting my cypress tree. What would be the best product to manage and prevent? When should I start using the product to keep them from destroying my tree? I have noticed tree damage mid to late June.

September 28, 2015

phil rogers @ 8:58 am #

Hi all, I think I need a backpack fogger as I have a huge yard. My question relates to the product. I know some professional folks who get paid to come and mist your yard with (allegedly) some kind of essential oil and claim great success. However the size of my yard means I simply have to do it myself due to cost. Any idea what they are using?

October 6, 2015

steve gorman @ 7:23 am #

I have a whitefly infestation on my ficus hedges for the past 5 years. I have tried all kind poisons and used professional exterminators both to no aval. What do you recommend?

October 7, 2015
May 9, 2016

Terry @ 11:04 pm #

I have a spittle bug infestation on my blueberry plants. They’ve been very destructive. Is Bifen IT safe to use on an edible plant like blueberries? The bugs have almost destroyed half of the blueberry crop by sucking the life out of the stems!

May 10, 2016
May 18, 2016

Andre Fimbres @ 3:13 pm #

We have a lot of springtails in the back yard and in the front yard what should I spray them with? We also have some coming out of the toilet and bath tub downstairs how do I fix this?

June 18, 2016

Sandy @ 5:02 pm #

My arborvites look horrible. An extension agent said I needed mitracide. I cannot find it no where. What do you have and can recommend?

Sandy @ 9:37 pm #


@Tech Support: Thank you Its ordered!

April 25, 2017

George Utman @ 2:04 pm #


Citrus leaf miner control. The problem with leaf miners seems to be taken care of after spraying twice. The bifen worked extremely well.

September 6, 2017

Doug MacArthur @ 8:23 am #


Very effective!

October 15, 2017

Michele H. @ 6:55 pm #


Works great! We were told by others that this worked great to kill bugs. It does works great. It sort of clear and dries clear. We were also told that it’s not harmful to children, it doesn’t have any smell. I would recommend this one if you have bugs and in the south who doesn’t, and two if you have children.

September 28, 2018

Avis Pruin @ 7:31 am #


Excellent speed and price!
This company has many products with honest prices and they were extremely prompt which I appreciated for my ailing conifers! I will gladly do business with them again.

May 28, 2019

Donald Clagett @ 9:31 am #


I purchased this product in the hope that it might possibly help with my black beetle problem at my barn. Well, it has completely eliminated the problem. Whereas I had thousands of black beetles everywhere, the spray has killed “all” of them. I could not be more pleased.

October 19, 2019

RONALD BROWNING @ 12:59 pm #

I have a 70 x 100 garden that is home to about 25 fire ant mounds. Bifen works great in my yard to kill fire ants but I’m afraid to spray my garden because of the long half-life of Bifen. I know Bifen isn’t absorbed by plants, however I’m concerned that it will somehow contaminate my corn, tomatoes, etc. Question is Bifen safe to use in a vegetable garden?

September 23, 2020

Kevin Phillips @ 9:26 am #


I’ve used this many times over the last 10 years and I’ve been pleased with the results. Late 2019 I also added Bifen granules that I spread outside as an additional line of defense and between the liquid and the granules, I see very few bugs inside. I may see one every 4-5 months and that’s usually a spider. Give it a try.

June 6, 2021

B. West @ 2:59 pm #


Good Product. I use this product to prevent and treat insect/bug issues. It works on most insects. I use it monthly inside the house.

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