D-Force 14 oz Aerosol

D-Force 14 oz Aerosol


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This low odor residual aerosol uses Deltamethrin as it’s active and will provide both a quick kill and a long lasting residual action. It comes with a handy crack and crevice injecting tube that allows the applicator to get product applied deep into voids and spaces where pests like to hide.

* Quick knockdown and kill
* Long lasting residual – up to 4+ weeks!
* For indoor and outdoor use
* Low Odor
* Wide range of target insects


Kills: Ants, Bees, Bedbugs, Black Carpet Beetles, Booklice, Boxelder Bugs, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Chocolate Moth, Cigarette Beetles, Clover Mites, Cluster Flies, Cockroaches, Crickets, Dermestids, Dog Ticks, Drugstore Beetles, Earwigs, Elmleaf Beetles, Firebrats, Fleas, Flour Beetles, Grain Beetles, Ground Beetles, Gnats, Hornets, Houseflies, Midges, Lesser Grain Borers, Lone Star Ticks, Meal Moths, Mole Crickets, Mosquitoes, Moths, Mud Daubers, Pantry Pests, Palmetto Bugs, Pillbugs, Rice Weevils, Silverfish, Small Flying Moths, Sowbugs, Spider Beetles, Spiders, Stinkbugs, Termites, Ticks, Tobacco Moths, Wasps, Waterbugs, Webbing Clothes Moths and Many Other Crawling Insects.

Also Controls and Kills: Wood Infesting Pests – Termites (Subterranean, Formosan & Drywood), Carpenter Ants and Carpenter Bees.

Safe For Use In (but not limited to): Food Handling Establishments, Including Food Service, Manufacturing and Processing Establishments, Such as Restaurants, Cafeterias, Supermarkets, Bakeries, Breweries, Dairies, Meat, Poultry & Egg Processing & Packaging Plants, Canneries, Feed Handling Establishments Including Feed Manufacturing and Processing Establishments, Tents, Aircraft, Apartments, Atriums, Attics, Automobiles, Basements, Bathrooms, Boats, Bottling facilities, Buses, Cabins, Campers, Candy Plants, Carports, Cat Sleeping Quarters, Clothes Storage, Condominiums, Decks, Dens, Driveways, Garages, Gazebos, Granaries & Grain Mills, Hospitals, Hotels, Industrial Buildings, Kitchens, Laboratories, Lanais, Living Rooms, Mausoleums, Offices, Parlors, Patios, Pet Sleeping Areas, Play Rooms, Porches, Railcars, Recreational Vehicles, Rooms, Schools, Ships & Vessels, Solariums, Storage Areas, Sun Rooms, Trailers, Trucks, Utility Rooms, Verandahs, Warehouses and Wineries.




$30.00  (14 oz can) (451107) (3+ $27.00 ea)
Order online and save 5%

$300.00  CS of 12 cans(451107CS12)(FREE STANDARD SHIPPING)
Order online and save 5%

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May 1, 2014

Melissa @ 3:32 pm #

I have read about the clover mites. I had seen about 100 on my front porch then I began to look inside and saw around 20 on the walls and window sill. I also used a lint roller on my area rug inside in front of my front door and there were at least 15. So should I treat this infestation as a level 3? And do they bite? Also my cat lays on that rug a lot so will they cause harm to my cat? Please help. Will my cat carry the mites around to different areas of my house if they get on him?

May 2, 2014
June 14, 2014

Chris @ 6:08 am #

I bought bedroom furniture about 6 months ago and have noticed on my dresser there is always a little mound of dust on the floor on one side front corner. On further inspection I found small holes up and down the corner piece. I have now found out I have beetles. What is the best treatment for them or should I just call the place where I bought furniture to see about a replacement?

June 17, 2014

chris @ 11:23 pm #


Jonathan, thanks for your detailed recommendations. A manufacturer rep is coming tomorrow to check it out and I ordered the gel, as this looked to be best and easiest solution. Hopefully the manufacturer will just give me some type of refund. Once again, thanks for your advice.

August 5, 2014

Michael Bogle @ 11:42 pm #

I have an invasion of millipedes. Do you have anything that will help get them under control? Most are short and slow. Tonight I saw several long millipedes and they were fast.

August 6, 2014
August 17, 2014

Renee @ 9:00 pm #

I have been seeing these little black bugs around my house. Just one here and there. I looked up on line and found out they are weevils. I then found a bunch in my food pantry. Do I have to treat my whole house since I have seen one or 2 of them on the walls in each room? I mostly see them in the kitchen on the tile floor and counters.

August 20, 2014
September 21, 2014

Marie @ 1:28 pm #

I was doing some work in my room and I looked up and saw a squash bug. It was flying around my light in the ceiling. I was able to kill it and then found three more and killed them. I had an air condition in my window and I think they were coming through the little cracks so I took the air condition out and now both my windows are completely shut. I’m just really worried there are more around my room but I moved everything and checked every where in my room and I didn’t see anymore. Is there anything else you think I should do?

November 11, 2015

DN @ 9:31 am #

I have newts/salamanders coming into my basement around the natural cracks in the foundation. These are not something that can be filled in due to natural air escaping etc. I have 2 cats and a dog so I need something that is pet safe. Can you recommend something to get rid of these pesky critters? The exterior is free of any brush/wood/debris. We think perhaps they are coming from the drainage tubes under the cement, but have not been able to find these… I’m hoping to combat them from the inside out. Thank you for anything you can do to assist.

December 24, 2015

Rick @ 12:43 pm #


This D-Force ended a two month battle with an infestation with a small hard shelled bug that we think was a weevil. Nothing worked till I tried this product. We saw a change almost instantly. I would recommend this to anyone having problems with most any pest. Excellent Product!!!!!

December 28, 2015

Delinda Gresham @ 8:23 am #


I am a repeat customer. Orders arrived promptly. I work for a pest control company but prefer the DIY approach. This is a great company to help with that aspect. Will order from them again. The product got rid of my issue also. Very easy to apply.

January 23, 2016

Viola Williams @ 7:50 pm #


So far so good. Sprayed 2 days go and no new springtails.

January 25, 2016

Raul Caraza @ 4:55 pm #


Destructive! Product went on cracks and crevices where weevils kept popping out of. It was a massive infestation. After application, a few more came out but then by the next day it was fulminating. Every one coming out was dead. Very impressive product.

May 20, 2016

Jessica @ 12:32 pm #

I just bought a house found springtails in toilet bowel and some in tank. We also have found them in the sink and tubs in bathroom. What products can be used for this problem?

October 22, 2017

Theresa Payne @ 8:24 am #


This spray is the ONLY product we have found to be effective against stink bugs. But you have to hit the individual bug to kill it. (I have to say watching them die is something of a pleasure.) Stink bugs are so slow & large, its really hard to miss. I don’t use this product inside. The aerosol can design was changed this year & its easier to use than previous years & less wasteful.

January 16, 2018

Cat @ 10:23 am #


Works well! This spray is easy to use and does the job. I had grain weevils in a pan cupboard. I emptied the cupboard and sprayed it. I let it set with the spray for several days. Then I scrubbed the cabinet out and replaced my washed pans. There has not been a return of the weevils. Now I just have to use it in my unfinished basement where spiders like to invade. The spray is easy to use with a plastic straw type attachment to help you get the spray into corners and cracks.

February 23, 2018

Jane P. @ 2:19 pm #


We had an addition built and the sod that was laid was infested heavily with clover mites. We dealt with this on our own for 6 mo., not realizing what a huge problem we had. When the clover mites came back in October after their dormant summer period, we knew we had to try a stronger strategy. We realized the clover mites had laid their eggs in our wall voids and underneath our siding. We are using D-Force on the interior- windows and base boards (still 2 x month) and it is giving us superior control of the interior- where we had no control before. We use Bifen spray on the lawn and siding around the windows and foundation and Delta guard granules, (both 1 x month.) We hope to have this problem resolved by June, as it will have been 1 1/2 yr of this very taxing challenge. To be sure, the fight turned in our favor in October when we started using these products. We followed the advice for level 3 infestation and also found the tech support very knowledgeable, helpful and prompt in their response.

May 16, 2018

Philip Lucks @ 9:40 am #


This is the only thing that seemed to have been able to control the Clover Mites inside the house. Thank goodness!

June 11, 2019

Phillip Perusse @ 6:36 pm #


This is the product that finally ended the clover mite infestation. The lack of a fifth star is only because it leaves a wet stain where sprayed.

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