PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:   Tank spray additive designed to “enhance” the way your active ingredient works. As the name implies, Spread-X Boost will effectively magnify the spread and penetration of your treatment.

First, Spread-X Boost will help by enabling your active chemical to “stick” to surfaces better.

Second, Spread-X Boost will help the mixture spread up to 5 times wider and deeper compared to a traditional mix of active ingredient and water.

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Lastly and most importantly, when used on plants, turf, trees and home siding, your application will be GREATLY ENHANCED when Spread-X Boost is involved. This is especially helpful for homes with small pests like CLOVER MITES or SPRINGTAILS. It is also great at tackling PINE BARK BORER issues.

Spread-X Boost will help the active to become “smaller” which allows it to penetrate into smaller surfaces. This is helpful when applying herbicides, fungicides and soil drenching.

The net effect is a faster reaction by targeted pests and with deeper penetration power, pests like TREE BORERS can no longer hide under the bark as easily.

RATE OF APPLICATION:   Add at least equal amounts of Spread-X Boost with your active BUT NO MORE than 1 oz of Spread-X Boost per 1 gallon of water. When used in a HOSE END SPRAYER, follow the same rule. For example, if you’re applying MAXXTHOR at the rate of .5 oz per gallon of water, add the same amount of Spread-X Boost to the sprayer. But if you’re applying PROTHOR at 2 oz per gallon, only add 1 oz of Spread-X Boost for every 2 oz of Prothor.


** When treating plant foliage or turf, treat in the evening 2 hours or less before sunset to prevent extended exposure to the sun. Treating in the middle of the day when temperatures are 85 degrees or more should be avoided to prevent foliage burn. **

$20.00   (451021) 16 oz
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$30.00   (451022) 32 oz
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