foam treatment for yellowjackets in wall

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A year ago we used a foam spray from you to use on honey bees that were in our walls. The foam killed them on contact and was dense enough that the bees couldn’t come out thru it. The last person to use the can threw it away so we don’t have the name of the product but it was white. When we call you no one seems to know what we used even though we bought it from you. I am hoping that someone there can tell me what we used so that we can buy more to use on the bees. It was a dense foam and had a straw applicator, in a small can. Please let me know what you have. Regards.

Had to have been PT TRI-DIE DUST. This is very similar to a dust we sell called Drione but in a can. It’s ideal for treating wall voids and other spaces where you can make a small opening through which the applicator straw can be inserted to direct the dust.

Tri Die comes out as a white, foamy type material and will stick to the surface where applied. It’s kind of like shaving cream but will dry hard and not be as fluffy. Tri Die is excellent for wall and ceiling void treatments when insects are hiding. This is especially true for pests like bees and wasps because the access hole needed to spray the Tri Die into the space need only be very small. In fact so small the bees or wasps won’t be able to come out and sting you.

PT Tri-Die:

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