PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: These devices are all battery operated and have different controls and different setups. Look through the detailed listing of these controls listed below to determine which model will best suit your needs. All of these machines can be used to apply either a scent based aerosol, an odor eliminating aerosol or an insecticide. The Model 1000 is the basic unit which is good for most applications where all you want is for the aerosol to be released in a consistent pattern. The Model 3000 allows you the most settings. It is clearly the most “configurable” model and can be set to skip certain days or go off as often as once a minute. The Model 2000 is in between the other two and probably the easiest to use that offers a wide range of settings. It’s the only one that uses a photo sensor which gives it the unique ability to monitor light which is then used to control it’s functions but it does not have nearly as much control over time guidelines like the the Model 3000.

For insect control, the METERED INSECTICIDE is one of the most common refills employed because it uses pyrethrin for an active which is effective on any insect pest. Set them up on the wall, wall unit, shelf, patio, deck, bathroom kitchen, garage, crawlspace or anywhere flying pests are a problem. One machine will cover up to 400 sq/ft and is small enough to placed discreetly in any environment.

Units measure 9″ tall by 3″ wide by 4″ deep and should be set at least 4-6 feet off the ground; 8-12 feet high is ideal for most situations.

Aerosol Machine

MODEL 2000: This looks a lot like the Model 1000 and Model 3000. However, it has a small photosensor just below the light on the front panel. It also has different adjustments making it unique. This unit features two buttons. The red one is for turning the unit on or off. The blue one is for determining when the unit should release aerosol. Like the Model 1000, you have three choices. The time between releases are 5, 15 or 30 minute intervals which is slightly different then Model 1000. This same button also controls how you want to utilize the photosensor. When left in “red” mode, the unit will release a blast of aerosol around the clock, working continuously. When in the “green” mode, the unit will release aerosol only when light is present. For rooms where the lights are on and off during any 24 hour period, this can be a very effective way to control product releases. This unit runs off two “D” cells (batteries not included).

WHERE TO USE IT: Most commonly used in rest rooms, this machine can be used on decks outside, basements, crawl spaces and just about anywhere in the home. This unit comes in real handy if you have persistent pet and/or dead decaying body odors throughout the home.


$45.00   (283157)(3+ $41.00 ea)
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June 2, 2015

Audrey Taylor @ 9:14 am #

Where can I order the Model 3000 and what is the price? Thank you.
Audrey Taylor

December 20, 2018

Deanna @ 10:29 am #


Gnat-less! The Aerosol dispenser was easy to set up and works EXACTLY as advertised. I am using it to rid the house of gnats that rode in on my plants when I brought them in for winter. When they’re all gone (almost are now) then the odor neutralizer will be used and the dispenser put near the litter box.
Very glad I bought this.

August 9, 2019

Gary Sullins @ 8:52 pm #


Easy to set up and works well.

September 7, 2021

Elizabeth @ 6:44 am #


Good quality. This is my second dispenser to purchase. They are good quality and easy to set up. Works great.

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