PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:   Like our other automatic aerosol machines, this one is battery operated. Its preset to go off every 15 minutes and requires no set up. Just install 2 “D” cell batteries (batteries not included), place a can of METERED INSECTICIDE or FRAGRANCE inside, slide the power button to “on” and it will start working immediately.

Most commonly used to control a wide range of flying and crawling insect pests like mosquitoes, noseeums, gnats, flies, moths and more, these machines are great for use inside and outside any home or place of business.

Use them to add a pleasant odor to the air by installing a scent based aerosol.  But if you have a bad odor in a room, install the ODOR ELIMINATING REFILL which will neutralize any smell.

Aerosol Machine

For insect control, the METERED INSECTICIDE is one of the most common refills employed because it uses pyrethrin for an active which is effective on any insect pest. Set them up on the wall, wall unit, shelf, patio, deck, bathroom kitchen, garage, crawlspace or anywhere flying pests are a problem. One machine will cover up to 400 sq/ft and is small enough to placed discreetly in any environment.

Units measure 9″ tall by 3″ wide by 4″ deep and should be set at least 4-6 feet off the ground; 8-12 feet high is ideal for most situations.

The Model 1000 is the basic unit which is good for most any application where all you need is for the aerosol to be released on a consistent basis. The MODEL 3000 allows you the most settings. Its clearly the most “configurable” model and can be set to skip certain days or go off as often as once a minute. The MODEL 2000 is in between the other two and offers a few settings. It’s the only one with a photo sensor used to monitor light which is then used to control it’s functions.

WHERE TO USE IT: Most commonly used in living spaces in the home like kitchens, living rooms, computer room and rest rooms, they also work well on outside decks, basements, crawl spaces and just about anywhere pests are active. For small well sealed areas, model 3000 is better suited for the job since it will let you set the release frequency to as little as once an hour. This can be all that’s needed for small, air tight rooms where treatments will hold up.


$35.00   (283155)(3+ $32.00)
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March 9, 2017

Jik Widell @ 4:58 pm #

How do you know when can is empty?

July 17, 2017

Steve Thurow @ 3:34 pm #


Easy to set up and easy to use!

August 20, 2019

Monique M. @ 9:52 am #

Is it safe to use around pets like guinea pigs, dogs, etc?

July 9, 2020

Steve Thurow @ 1:52 pm #

do you still sell the 6.25 oz. can of PT clear zone? I only see the 7.3oz. can on your website.

July 15, 2020

Net R. @ 5:23 pm #


Love it! Not much to do for setting up – easy. Once working, there is a mist that is automated. Bye-Bye Gnats!!

August 12, 2021

Maria Rivero @ 10:33 am #


I solved my problem with bugs in my house with this product. I had a moth contamination in kitchen and all bedrooms (especially closets). I called different companies, but their solutions didn’t work. Moths came back, always. I dealt with the problem for a bit more than a year, trying everything. Finally, my mother (who is a chemical engineer) told me to use pyrethrin. I bought these dispensers and I buy a box of pyrethrin in aerosol (brings 10) every 3 months. NEVER AGAIN did I have moth or any other insect. The only ones not happy with this are my cats, who used to love catching the moths. I am here to purchase another dispenser to add to my sunroom.

August 29, 2021

Maria RiverodelosCampos @ 2:25 pm #


The best dispenser you’ll find! I bought these 3 dispensers to add to the 2 dispensers I bought from the same website 4 years ago. I used to have an insect problem and after trying many other options, I finally came across these dispensers. I put one in my closet and another in my bedroom and the problem was solved. Those 2 dispensers continue to work perfectly well. I bought 3 additional ones to place in the sunroom, living room and another closet after finding a few bugs (normal in the summer in my apt, situated in front of a national park). Happy as I can be!

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