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Is drione dust the same thing as Tri Die? I show where I bought Drione dust from you as 1lb….but I have a 7lb bucket which says tri die…empty! I’m confused! The wasps are coming…..need to spray. Which is it? Thank you!

Sorry for the confusion but hopefully this will clear things up.

Originally we offered DRIONE DUST in both a 1 LB and 7 LB size. Then we found someone making it in a smaller 6 oz package and that size was added to our product list. Though it’s label does not say “Drione”, the ingredients are exactly the same.

Now we also have another product that is very close to Drione known as TRI-DIE. It has very similar components but in a less concentrated form. It comes standard packed in 5 lb pails, loose, much like Drione and I’m guessing that’s what you have. Of course, you state it’s a 7 lb tub which makes me think it’s the Drione 7 lb’er since these products only came packed as I explained above.

Lastly, Tri-Die also comes in an aerosol can making it ideal for small application needs since the aerosol form does not need any special applicator to apply the product like the loose dust.

Fast forward to present time… In recent years there has a been a series of problems getting all the components to make Drione and Tri-Die so not all sizes have been available at the same time for a few years. But for the time being, we are able to offer Drione in the 6 oz, 1 lb and 7 lb tubs which can be seen here:

Drione:  https://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/dust/drione-dust

As for the Tri-Die, it’s only available in the small 8 oz can with no expected arrival of the 5 lb tubs anytime soon. It can be seen here:

Tri-Die:  https://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/aerosol/pt-230-tri-die-8-oz

Hope this helps to clear up any confusion on this matter.

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