are vapona insect strips safe around children and pets


Is it safe to use vapona insect strips in the home with children? Do the insect strips emit any harmful substances that might harm them or our pets? Please let me know.

When used properly and according to their label, INSECT STRIPS won’t pose a hazard to people or pets. This is true for one main reason. In order to use them properly, they must either be in a small room like a closet where no one is sleeping or spending a lot of time or they must be in a really large room where they’ll be dispersed and barely detectable.

And what I mean by detectable is that the amount of active ingredient (in this case Vapona) will be so dispersed that yes, it will adversely affect insect pests but no, it won’t be able to affect mammals like people. Now if you put two Insect Strips in a small bathroom that was only 400-500 cubic feet, this would pose a problem and hazard to people when they used the bathroom. As the label for this product explains, you should not have them installed in any room smaller than 900 cubic feet if people spend time in the room. Such areas would include rooms like a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, great room, office, etc.

Insect Strips:

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