PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Biological formulation which breaks down the slime and other organic buildup that will accumulate on drain pipes. It will not hurt the pipe regardless of the material the pipe is made from. Takes away the breeding ground insects will use including drain or moth flies, fungus flies, phorid flies but also springtails, ants, psocids, book lice, roaches and more.

WHERE TO USE IT: Drain lines from the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, showers, tubs and food disposals.


RATE OF APPLICATION: 4-8 ounces per drain per week until the problem subsides. Treat late at night, just before retiring, and allow the treatment to sit in the drain as long as possible before running the water again. If insects are appearing during the week, use PT-221 down the drain daily as needed. It will kill active pests and help break the cycle that much faster.

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July 17, 2014

Amanda @ 9:21 am #

Is this safe to use in septic tanks because I have the springtails coming up in the master bathtub and I have a septic tank.

September 24, 2014

Nate @ 5:12 pm #

I didn't get an answer via e-mail for some odd reason. I might be interested in this Survivors item, but what are the active ingredient(s)?

September 25, 2014
November 13, 2015

gerardo perez @ 1:48 pm #

Do I use the survivors before the pt-221 or after? Thanks.

August 1, 2016

Kelly @ 5:28 pm #

Hello – We have Survivors and many of your products. Is Survivors safe to use in an older basement floor drain? We are battling these suckers and I think this is their last place of moisture in the house. There is a large stone on top of the drain holding the dehumidifier and water softener hoses in it. They seem to be on this stone. I just found 15 or so of them. Thanks in advance!

August 18, 2016

Amanda @ 9:58 am #

I thought the bugs we have were fruit flies but after reading the article I got this link from I now believe they are springtails. The question I have though is what products do I need to treat our garbage disposal? My guess is from reading the article is that they're living in the sludge that builds up inside it, but now I also noticed them coming up out of our bathroom sink. The building we live in was built in 1953.

August 22, 2016

liz @ 3:35 pm #

I have springtails in the master bathtub. I want to use the items suggested but am worried about harming my cats. Is it safe if they were to be around it?
Thank you,

September 12, 2016

Theresa Melvin Roth @ 7:49 am #

Springtail Relief! I've been fighting a Springtail infestation in my home for the past several months. I have a Pest Control company come and spray the house inside & out 6x/yr and they came in and dumped "stuff" down the drain and sprayed for Springtails but nothing offered any relief. I bought Phantom, Cykick, and Drain Pipe Treatment, used them all 3 exactly how the website indicated and I noticed an immediate improvement. With continued use, I no longer have an issue in 2-3 of my bathrooms. And I envision the Springtails in my remaining bathroom will be eradicated with a little more time. I am really impressed with these products and will continue using them.

October 5, 2016

Vanessa @ 5:56 pm #

I have phorid flies in my house. I do not know where they're coming from. I recently got new Plumbing so I don't believe I have a leaking pipe. I have never seen them come out of any of my drains.. I do have a septic which I had emptied in May of 2016. The home is a mobile home put on the property in 1994. I just moved there in May. So I do not know if this problem was already there before I moved in. I do recall seeing maybe one or two random bugs but I thought they were nuts and it was at the opposite end of the house which they are not at the opposite end of the house anymore. I have looked everywhere inside my house for these bugs. They appear but I cannot find out where they are breeding period. Please help as I am desperate. I have noticed them in 1 bathroom for the most part and also flying around my kitchen and dining room area. But I also see random flies in a few other rooms. But not as many as I have seen in one bathroom and it seems my kitchen. I am so frustrated and I do not know how to get rid of these.

October 6, 2016

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