PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     Optigard flex is a non-repellent insecticide that is active against insects by both contact and ingestion. It is particularly effective against social insects such as ants but can be used to control a variety of nuisance insect pests such as cockroaches, beetles, bees, earwigs, hornets, boxelder bugs, fire ants, wasps, etc.

Optigard Flex may be applied as a perimeter band, as a spot spray, as a mound drench, and to voids to control a wide range of insects. It may also be applied to trees and shrubs to control honeydew producing insects that ants use as a primary food source. Optigard Flex offers true flexibility in treating ants and nuisance insects both in and around structures because its odorless and undetectable by the target insect.

Once treatments are in place, insects will travel over the area and unknowingly pick up the active. Once its on them, they'll typically ingest some as well as share it with other members in their nest. In 1-2 days, most all of the nest will have some of the active on it. And when this happens, it's too late for the pest.

By the 3-4 day, the active will turn on and when it does, any member of the target pest exposed will die. Typically this will take another 2-4 days but within 7-14 days, any nest will be dead.

To insure good coverage for large populations with only 1-2 entry ways, be sure to spray their holes daily. Do this in the evening when they're all present inside. This way the next day the foraging workers will pick up the active and share it with other members of the colony in the coming days.

WHERE TO USE IT:    Versatile formulation that can be applied anywhere since its odorless. So both inside or outside the home; and as a liquid or foam.  Inside only to be used as crack and crevice or void treatment.  Not for surface application inside living spaces.  Outside; use it on any kind insect mound, entry points, eaves and attic vents, along sidewalks, in mulch, on landscape and ornamental plants too. Termite Monitoring Stations can also be treated… See label for complete list.

RATE OF APPLICATION: .27 to .54 Fluid ounces per gallon.  Use 2 gallons per 1,000 sq ft of Application area.




$65.00   (455631) 8 oz (FREE STANDARD SHIPPING)(N/A TO NY)
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September 8, 2015

Elizabeth Floyd @ 7:19 pm #

No bumble bee stings. This product is all it says it is. I had a bumble bee nest in an old junky barn and I couldn't walk in without being stung. I sprayed the barn in the evening and after about 4 or 5 days the entire nest was dead. It's great to have the barn back.

August 6, 2016

Pat Lavender @ 6:48 am #

Worked like a champ! Had European Hornets. Sprayed on and around the nest and they were gone after the first application. But I used it again for a couple of nights after that first application and have not seen them since. This is seriously good stuff.

August 22, 2016

David Osborn @ 1:22 pm #

I wanted to tell you folks how happy we are with the results of using this product, Optigard Flex Liquid. I was somewhat hesitant because of the price of the product. Boy was I wrong. We had a serious bee/wasp problem on our deck, so that we couldn't go into the area without risking being stung.

I ordered the product back on July 12, received it a few days later, and then used it on our deck July 19th. Even though I didn't use an entire gallon of the mixed spray, I did thoroughly soak the top of the deck area where the bees were coming and going. I made sure to spray it more than enough to soak down between the deck boards. And then we left it alone.

Within TWO DAYS, there was literally NO bee activity. I poked into the area from the side after a week, and there was NO activity. I then left the area alone until just this past Saturday, August 6, when I checked it closely.

ALL THE BEES ARE DEAD! As I investigated, I found that the paper nest was easily the size of a watermelon!! I chopped the nest down and threw it into the woods, along with scooping up the VERY DEAD BEES!

Your product is worth every dollar! I will be using this product every spring as a preventative treatment. I will also be recommending your product whenever asked what REALLY WORKS on bees or wasps.

Thank you so much.
Dave Osborn
Brownstown Township, Michigan

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