PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     Optigard flex is a non-repellent insecticide that is active against insects by both contact and ingestion. It is particularly effective against social insects such as ants but can be used to control a variety of nuisance insect pests such as cockroaches, beetles, bees, earwigs, hornets, boxelder bugs, fire ants, wasps, etc.

Optigard Flex may be applied as a perimeter band, as a spot spray, as a mound drench, and to voids to control a wide range of insects. It may also be applied to trees and shrubs to control honeydew producing insects that ants use as a primary food source. Optigard Flex offers true flexibility in treating ants and nuisance insects both in and around structures because its odorless and undetectable by the target insect.

Once treatments are in place, insects will travel over the area and unknowingly pick up the active. Once its on them, they’ll typically ingest some as well as share it with other members in their nest. In 1-2 days, most all of the nest will have some of the active on it. And when this happens, it’s too late for the pest.

By the 3-4 day, the active will turn on and when it does, any member of the target pest exposed will die. Typically this will take another 2-4 days but within 7-14 days, any nest will be dead.

To insure good coverage for large populations with only 1-2 entry ways, be sure to spray their holes daily. Do this in the evening when they’re all present inside. This way the next day the foraging workers will pick up the active and share it with other members of the colony in the coming days.

WHERE TO USE IT:    Versatile formulation that can be applied anywhere since its odorless. So both inside or outside the home; and as a liquid or foam.  Inside only to be used as crack and crevice or void treatment.  Not for surface application inside living spaces.  Outside; use it on any kind insect mound, entry points, eaves and attic vents, along sidewalks, in mulch, on landscape and ornamental plants too. Termite Monitoring Stations can also be treated… See label for complete list.

RATE OF APPLICATION: .27 to .54 Fluid ounces per gallon.  Use 2 gallons per 1,000 sq ft of Application area.




$75.00   (455631) 8 oz (FREE STANDARD SHIPPING)(N/A TO NY)
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September 8, 2015

Elizabeth Floyd @ 7:19 pm #


No bumble bee stings. This product is all it says it is. I had a bumble bee nest in an old junky barn and I couldn’t walk in without being stung. I sprayed the barn in the evening and after about 4 or 5 days the entire nest was dead. It’s great to have the barn back.

August 6, 2016

Pat Lavender @ 6:48 am #


Worked like a champ! Had European Hornets. Sprayed on and around the nest and they were gone after the first application. But I used it again for a couple of nights after that first application and have not seen them since. This is seriously good stuff.

August 22, 2016

David Osborn @ 1:22 pm #


I wanted to tell you folks how happy we are with the results of using this product, Optigard Flex Liquid. I was somewhat hesitant because of the price of the product. Boy was I wrong. We had a serious bee/wasp problem on our deck, so that we couldn’t go into the area without risking being stung.

I ordered the product back on July 12, received it a few days later, and then used it on our deck July 19th. Even though I didn’t use an entire gallon of the mixed spray, I did thoroughly soak the top of the deck area where the bees were coming and going. I made sure to spray it more than enough to soak down between the deck boards. And then we left it alone.

Within TWO DAYS, there was literally NO bee activity. I poked into the area from the side after a week, and there was NO activity. I then left the area alone until just this past Saturday, August 6, when I checked it closely.

ALL THE BEES ARE DEAD! As I investigated, I found that the paper nest was easily the size of a watermelon!! I chopped the nest down and threw it into the woods, along with scooping up the VERY DEAD BEES!

Your product is worth every dollar! I will be using this product every spring as a preventative treatment. I will also be recommending your product whenever asked what REALLY WORKS on bees or wasps.

Thank you so much.
Dave Osborn
Brownstown Township, Michigan

August 17, 2017

Raymond Bartlett @ 4:48 pm #


Amazing Product!

We were fighting a nest of European Hornets in a dying tree 20 feet off the front porch.

First week we tried wasp killer. Six cans later we gave up on that.

The next week we tried tossing gasoline from a solo cup. They hated it, but 5 or 6 direct hits later they were still going strong.

Time to get tactical. Enter the Optigard solution.

We mixed up a gallon in a pump sprayer. We *might have significantly exceeded the recommended concentration.

Next, we fit a piece of pipe insulation across the top edge of a truck passenger window and with the delivery end of the sprayer resting through a slit in the insulation we rolled up the window with the sprayer inside. Now we had a tank.

One of the boys drove up next to the tree and one of the boys manned the nozzle and one of the neighbor’s kid maintained pressure in the pump sprayer.

An hour after emptying the entire gallon into the nest, we never saw another hornet in the air or on the tree but just a bunch twitching on the ground!

Game 🙂

August 26, 2017

Lesley @ 7:16 am #

@Raymond Bartlett: How did you find the nest???? We are in rural southern Maryland and have these buggers in the hundreds at our back door (floodlight) every night. LOVE the tank approach and we want to do same! Husband in the construction industry so we are easily ready to attack – we have 2 crepe myrtles in our backyard that these wasps have destroyed, had a professional out yesterday and he couldn’t find the nest either … any suggestions????? I know they will die off (except queens, which is the concern for next year) in a few weeks but I’d love to take care of this now. We have dogs who enjoy our many wooded acres but are steering clear of the crepe myrtles cause these guys, by the hundreds, are stripping the bark … anyway. We are looking still for the nest but I’m arming with this Optiguard. And we *won’t* exceed recommended concentration either ………… ! Thanks in advance! Les

September 7, 2017

Janie M. @ 7:55 am #


Received my order, used it and was successful. Thank you!

September 9, 2017

Lesley S. @ 2:15 pm #


OMG we received the Optigard quickly. My husband sprayed the crepe myrtle (with maybe *just* a touch more than recommended) and I swear, he sprayed one night – I did not EVER see another European Hornet on those trees and later that night, the floodlights were flooding and NOT ONE hornet. My husband sprayed the crepe myrtles a 2nd consecutive evening, I think one week later I saw ONE hornet buzz by the floodlights once, and that was it. Finding random dead hornets around the back patio near the floodlights. Sprayed again today, I think it’s been about 2 weeks – this stuff is the bomb! Get it. Use it. It does work. And BTW we sprayed in the evening from about 10 feet away from the trees in a stream (not mist) and saturated them, all the trunks and most of the leaves. Again, did this as directed by tech support, 2 consecutive evenings, and again about 2 weeks later. We will do again in 2 weeks and start again in early spring. Yhank you tech support ans Optigard!

November 13, 2017

Grady B. @ 10:40 am #


I was prepared to spray at least three times per your instructions, but the initial spraying killed the entire colony of yellow jackets which were buried in the leaves in my wife’s plant bed. Great product!

May 7, 2018

Hollie @ 7:43 am #

Our home is surrounded by giant hornets, but we cannot find any nests, and I’m not really sure what’s attracting them here. I don’t see any food source or trees they’re girdling. They just keep showing up INSIDE our screened porch and also flying around our immediate house and pool area. We are surrounded by woods. Would this be the best product to try to eliminate them? If we just spray some of the bushes near where we’ve seen them is that good enough?

May 17, 2018

Lesley Anne Florschutz @ 3:58 pm #

We have already sprayed the crepe myrtles once this spring, and them again 2 weeks later; however, tonight we just saw a European Hornet enter a small hole in our soffit in the front of the house. No wonder we never found their nest.

Going to wait until dusk to spray inside the little hole and all around it. Will let you know how this effort goes ………… last year we sprayed the trees once and hardly ever saw another hornet.

Any advice anyone has is welcomed!

May 18, 2018
July 15, 2018

Carmella DeLeone @ 12:57 pm #


Amazing! We had bees coming and going through the deck boards on the back deck that we grill and eat on. There was no way of knowing where the hive was. We sprayed the deck boards in the evening and there were only a few bees the next morning! After spraying one more time all the BEES WERE GONE!!! Best of all this is safe to pets and children once it dries. My husband said it was very easy to mix and use. Well worth the price. We highly recommend it!!!! Thank you!!!

July 20, 2018

Penny Klein @ 2:00 pm #


AT LAST !!! I have been battling katydid killers for years in my backyard and on my deck and flower beds. I sprayed 2 nights in a row and now I have not seen a one. It has been so long since I have been able to enjoy my deck. Thank You Thank You!

July 28, 2018

Marvin Gillispie @ 7:14 am #


Five Stars across the board!

August 27, 2018

Bill @ 9:11 pm #


Awesome stuff! Worked great on my Bees. They were coming from under my deck. Tried everything and nothing worked until I tried this stuff. One application on my deck and the crack they were coming from and Bees no more! I’m shocked I got rid of them so easy. This stuff works. Just make sure you wear protective gear when you use it as it is a very powerful poison and works by absorption.

September 4, 2018

Phillip Marlar @ 6:59 am #


Follow directions. Four applications and no more yellow jackets. Works well.

September 11, 2018

Stan @ 10:26 am #


Used this in my orchard for European hornets. They were distroying all my fruit. It worked great! I couldn’t be happier.

September 23, 2018

Deb smith @ 10:12 am #

Will it work for stink bugs?

July 15, 2019

Richard Fahey @ 7:17 am #


Had an invasion of European Hornets in our house, they built a very active nest in the eave over our patio. I know how nasty these hornets can get from past experience so I did my research on line and found Optigard. Ordered on a Saturday, delivered on the following Monday, Hornets gone by Wednesday. Mixed one batch per the instructions and applied a heavy spray to their entrance hole. Hornets were entering and leaving the nest the whole time I sprayed the hole, they paid no attention to me. We noticed an immediate decrease in activity and within 12 hours they were done. Optigard may be the best pest control product I have used, 100% satisfaction!

October 8, 2019

Joanne @ 5:14 pm #


After being terrorized for weeks by what i called yellow jackets on steroids, my son told me to look up European hornets. They were in a lilac bush & you couldn’t get anywhere near or they would come after you! They got my dog twice. That is when I found bugspray.com & optigard. When it arrived i called the help line because i was nervous about using it. Talked to Jonathan, he could not have been more helpful! He walked me through what to do and when to spray. Like one of the other reviews i was hesitant because of the price, but worth every penny. Sprayed two evenings just after dark and they were GONE!! Also sprayed yellow jackets in my wood shed one time and they were gone too! Had to know my grand babies were safe out in the yard. Thanks Bugspray!

June 17, 2020

Robert Schnake @ 7:03 am #


I had bumblebees nesting under my deck. I could tolerate them, but my wife not so much. One early morning spray did the job. I love my wife and she loves the absence of bees. Great product.

August 12, 2020

Greg @ 6:25 pm #


I have yellow jackets coming up between a few boards on my ground-level pressure-treated pine deck, which I just spent a LOT time staining. Will spraying Optigard on the deck leave any kind of stain, or ruin the stain I just applied?


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