PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:   Clear rigid plastic square measuring 4.25″ wide by 3.25″ long and less than 1/2″ tall. These traps work on silverfish, booklice, springtails, psocids and carpet beetle larvae.

Each trap features clear glue which is moist. This moisture will attract common pests who enter and get stuck. Once in the trap, their decomposing bodies will lure more.

Place traps on bookshelves, in pantries, closets, along baseboards and basically anywhere target pests have been seen.

WHERE TO USE IT:   Safe for use throughout the home in bedrooms, closets, pantries, under furniture cushions, around rugs suspected of having active insects and under beds.

RATE OF APPLICATION:   3-4 traps per room with activity. Out in open areas, each trap will effectively attract pests from up to 10 feet (5 feet in each direction). In a pantry or cabinet, this range will be limited due to the other smells so use more when making hidden or sealed placements.

The glue will remain active for up to 6 months but traps should be replaced every 3 months when pests are active. Be sure to replace filled traps sooner.

$6.00   (712494)(4 – 9 Traps 5.00 ea)(10+ Traps $4.50 ea)(FREE STANDARD SHIPPING)
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