DOMINION 2LPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Odorless material which is both easy to apply and effective on a wide range of pests. Generally used as a termiticide, this material is highly effective as a systemic for use on trees and shrubs in the yard.

WHERE TO USE IT: Inside the home subslab and outside the home for soil treating. Also around trees as a systemic.

RATE OF APPLICATION:        When soil drenching shrubs and trees, use .1 – .2 oz per inch of tree diameter.  So for a tree 10 inches wide, you’ll need to use 1 oz of chemical using 6-8 gallons of water. Start by adding .5 oz to a 5 gallon pail filled with 3-4 gallons of water and slowly pour the solution into 5-10 holes made with a spike, a piece of rebar or pick ax.

The holes need to be made inside the tree’s drip line and you’ll need to do this at least twice meaning you’ll need to apply 6-8 gallons of mixed solution using a total of 1 oz of Dominion.

The depth of the holes are not important; they just need to hold the liquid mixture so it doesn’t move away from the tree. Also, the width is not important. Again, the holes are just there to hold the mixture.

Larger trees will require more material; call or email for help if you need assistance calculating how much product you’ll need.

For termites, mix 1 oz in 2 gallons of water and apply the 2 gallons of mixed solution to every 10 feet of foundation around the structure. Dig a small trench prior to treating to insure the material stays in place during the application. Retreat every 5 years.

For flower beds, plant foliage and turf, .3 to .6 oz per gallon of water per 1,000 sq/ft will control most pests.

TARGET PESTS:   Termites, Adelgids, Ants, Aphids, Japanese beetles, Lace bugs, Leaf beetles (including elm and viburnum leaf beetles), Leafhoppers (including glassy- winged sharpshooter), Mealybugs, Psyllids, Sawfly Larvae, Thrips (suppression), Whiteflies and Woolly Adelgids just to name just a few.





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August 22, 2015

Cyndi Harris @ 5:18 pm #

I have several large pine trees on my property. Some already are showing damage for pine beetles. I would like to treat all of my trees at the same time. How do I determine how much DOMINION 2L to purchase?

August 23, 2015

Dan @ 7:52 pm #

As a systemic application, will this treat most bark beetles?

August 24, 2015

Dan @ 9:14 am #

You guys are awesome with such a quick response. I do know the beetle I have is boring in the lower 8′ of the tree and I have about 15 spots where you can see the ‘ooze’. 13 are deep amber in color and 2 are light pinkish. I would assume that means they are penetrating the bark membrane. I’ve seen a couple of beetles, they are black. Not sure if that helps. If applied both systemic and topical treatment can I save the tree? Does my tree have a good chance of survival? Again thanks for your expertise.

June 4, 2016

Lindy Carter @ 10:56 am #


Easy to use.

July 16, 2016

George Enos @ 9:19 am #


Works well. I used the product yesterday and it is taking care of the problem. I still have some areas left to spray.

January 16, 2017

scott harris @ 12:34 am #

hi, I need to use this on a bunch of potted plants, like 2inch and 4 inch pots. a whole greenhouse full of them. should I stick to your .3-.6 oz per gallon? I’m using it for whiteflies.

September 9, 2017

kjeld @ 6:28 pm #

Hi: I have an old (60 years or so) olive tree, which is infested with termites. The bark is beginning to peel away exposing a “trail” to the upper branches. I’m wondering if spraying the lower trunk is enough?? Common sense is telling me that I should also spray the exposed “trails” and/or the upper branches?? How careful do I need to be to avoid spraying the leaves of the tree?? This product is safe for living trees – right?? I have placed a number of “stakes” with termite killing bait in the ground around the tree, but I don’t know how effective these stakes are. Thanks for your reply…..much appreciated!!
PS: I have already cut off the branches that showed obvious signs of distress.

September 10, 2017

kjeld @ 5:05 pm #

Thank you very much. If I manually spray the trunk and branches of the tree, should I use the same solution as when I do the soil drenching of the tree ( .1 – .2 oz per inch of tree diameter)????

January 22, 2018

Jack K. @ 8:15 am #


Item has not been used but appears to be as advertised, fast shipping!

March 10, 2021

phil @ 10:45 am #

have 40 ft.tall crapes with diameters of 24 to 36 inches. will apply .2 oz per inch of diameter. my question is with how much water doing a soil drench.

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