Snake Out


Snake Out

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The unique blend of ingredients in this product trigger escape and avoidance behavior in snakes. Snakes actually taste the air around them (via a receptor organ known as the Jacobson’s organ). This product provides a powerful scent and taste repellent effect that snakes find unpleasant. This triggers a natural reaction to escape and avoid the area. Treatments will not harm snakes; it simply drives them away, naturally.

WHERE TO USE IT: For use outside. Apply it to create an invisible “fence” over which snakes won’t cross. Use it along property lines to keep snakes out of your lawn and garden.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Using the convenient dispenser cap on this package, lightly sprinkle a band 6 to 8 inches wide. Do this around and next to areas you want to protect. It is not necessary to completely cover the ground with product. One pound will treat a band 8 inches wide by 50 feet in length. This means the 4 lb jar will “draw” a line up to 200 feet long. Do not water in after application. Reapply product after heavy rains or every two weeks to obtain best results.


$30.00   (743492) 4 lbs
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