Essentria All Purpose Insecticide ConcentratePRODUCT DESCRIPTION:    This versatile product qualifies as a "minimum-risk" under FIFRA and is therefore exempt from Federal EPA registration. However, Essentria All Purpose Insecticide is highly effective against a broad spectrum of insect pests. Its most commonly  used in automatic mosquito misting machines and replaces the original MISTING CONCENTRATE which needed an emulsifier added to the tank mix. This new formulation includes everything you need so its the perfect product for fogging and misting when using an automatic machines.

Essentria All Purpose Concentrate is safe for use in the home, yard and garden and is labeled for use on both non bearing as well as fruit and vegetable bearing plants and trees.  All Essentria Exempt products work within USDA NOP (National Organic Program) guidelines. This product is truly organic, can be used for most any pest in most any situation and actually works well.

  • Quick knockdown/kill
  • Residual protection
  • Flexible label
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Broad spectrum
  • Non-staining
  • Highly versatile
  • Low aquatic toxicity
  • Labeled for use on Boat Docks
  • For conventional, misting and fogging equipment
  • Great for mosquito control programs where permanent automatic systems are in use
  • New softer botanical scent
  • May be used for on-animal live stock applications

RATE OF APPLICATION: 1-10 oz per Gallon of Water depending on where you plan to treat, the target pest, etc. Please refer to the label for specific mixtures or send us an email asking what mixture to use. Be sure to include your target pest, how you will be applying the product, etc. and we'll be able to provide specific guidelines and mixture rates. Retreat as needed for the first month until the problem is resolved; once the problem is under control expect to treat 1-2 a month during the targeted pest season and less frequently during the off season.

MIXTURE FOR AUTOMATIC FOGGING SYSTEMS:    Mixture rates for automatic fogging machine systems will vary depending on your target pest. You can mix as little as .5 oz per gallon of water so this a gallon jug can create as many as 256 gallons of mixed solution. At its maximum rate of 3 oz per gallon for automatic systems, you'll get a total of 42 mixed gallons per gallon of concentrate. We recommend starting with a 1 oz per gallon rate and adjust as needed.



TARGET PESTS: aphids, ants, armyworms, bagworms, bedbugs, bees, beetles (cadelles cigarette, darkling, dried fruit, drugstore, confused flour, red flour, saw-toothed grain, ground, spider), billbugs, boxelder bugs, centipedes, chinch bugs, chiggers, cockroaches, crickets, cutworms, darkling beetles, deer flies, deer ticks, earwigs, firebrats, fleas, flies, fowl mites, fruit flies, gnats, ground beetles, lice, maggots, mealworms (dark, yellow) mites (grain, fowl), millipedes, mole crickets, mosquitoes, moths, noseeums, pillbugs, scale, silverfish, sod webworms, sowbugs, spiders, termites, thrips, ticks, wasps, whiteflies and more.

$150.00   (807969) Gallon

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