PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Yellow gel, syrupy or “loose” which comes in a syringe for application. Unique product in how it works. Basically, the main attractant, honeydew, is something carpenter-ants and hornets will readily accept as it is necessary for their young. When applied, target pests will find it quickly, gather up as much as they can, bring it back to their nests and distribute it to their young. The young will immediately eat it and their excrement will then in turn kill the entire nest! Within days, the nest will be dead.

WHERE TO USE IT: Inside or outside. Where pest activity is highest. Apply it in the evening when pests busy for the night. This will allow for quick acceptance and longer life of the product since extreme temperatures will break it down.


RATE OF APPLICATION: A dab every 6-12 inches with more placements where activity is greatest. One tube provides 30-60 placements. PLEASE NOTE: The gel will go bad in about 2 weeks once applied. Be sure to keep applications fresh and clean. DO NOT STORE IN TEMPERATURES OVER 100 DEGREES OR IT WILL GO BAD WITHIN A FEW WEEKS – EVEN IF THE TUBE IS NOT OPEN. Expect pests to be feeding on it within a day or two so be prepared to replace diminished amounts as needed. Unused amounts, when stored in 50-80 degrees, will last up to a year.




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July 31, 2015

Robert Dowling @ 7:23 am #


It works! Initially it seems like the ants were eating it every night, then they seemed to stop and the bait would just dry up. Weeks later, I tried again with success and they were taking the bait. Now all the carpenter ants I see are walking around like they are drunk! It’s definitely seems to be working. Wish I had more!

June 30, 2017

ITK @ 7:42 am #


Great product! Easy to use and when combined as suggested with products like Drione and Phantom spray it really does a good job. Very pleased with overall results.

August 6, 2019

Teresa Anderson @ 10:43 am #


This Gel is as everyone else described. The ants will eat it from the syringe. I left it on ant trails and I haven’t seen them since. Granted, it’s only been a week, but I will use more if I see them again. It kind of made me sad to poison them, but I can’t have them in my home. Anyway, I highly recommend it.

June 15, 2020

Mike Caldwell @ 2:29 pm #


This stuff works. I have been purchasing Maxforce gel from U-Spray for several years to deal with what seems to be an annual resurgence of ants around and often in my home. It works great. I usually put a dab or two in soft drink bottle caps near where I have seen ants. They soon find it and within a day or so, no more ants. I highly recommend U-Spray and the Maxforce gel.

July 22, 2020

Joey DeHart @ 7:30 am #


Got rid of bees! Maxi force gel was able to get rid of a large nest of European hornets within 2 days. I was amazed how efficient the product was. Would use again.

August 13, 2020

Richard Golden @ 7:41 pm #


Worked great! I was having problems with bell hornets on the humming bird feeder. I placed the material as directed and within days, they were gone.

August 28, 2020

Susan Weeks @ 1:54 pm #


Worked great! The Ant jel really worked on the European Hornets that were destroying my lilacs. They were really special to me as they were transplanted many years ago from my parents garden paradise in Potsdam NY and from my Uncle’s place in New Hampshire. The gel was really easy to apply, and within one or two days they were pretty much gone! Thank you for suggesting it to me – I would never have never figured it out with out your help. And the website was really helpful and interesting. I learned all about these hornets! My only concern was I did see one other bee or wasp and a few ants harvesting the gel a couple of times – I don’t know if they were solitary feeders or would take it back to a nest.

September 8, 2020

Lauren S @ 11:56 am #


I am so relieved I found this product!!! We had European hornets flocking to a dying tree on our property. We really didn’t want to have an exterminator sent out so we did the research and I stumbled upon this stuff! I bought two syringes just in case one didn’t work. One was all we needed! Put little dabs of gel all over the tree and after 3-4 days they were gone and we haven’t seen anymore since! I’m glad we have the other syringe though just in case we ever see them come back. Fantastic product!

August 26, 2021

Rob @ 5:04 pm #


I put some of the bait near a European hornet nest that was near the door to my house. It took the hornets a couple of days to find the honeydew bait, but they cleaned it off and I had to put out one more dose (about 25% of a tube each time). Within a week the hive was inactive. Putting it near the hive limited exposure of other insects, since they all avoid the hornet’s nest area. Worked better than I expected.

September 1, 2021

Doffinns2 @ 7:14 pm #


This was the third year we were “Claimed” as a feeding ground by Vespa Crabro (European Hornets). Just outside our front door is a Tree/Shrub that as many as 12 at a time were girdling/feeding on the sap they were farming. Night was often frightening as a sensor light would come on as we approached the front door. These Hornets absolutely attacked the light and would zoom past anyone in their way. Made some 2 liter bottle traps and captured 2 dozen in 3 weeks time. Like most wildlife, where a void is created, more will quickly fill that space.
After hearing about Honeydew Gel we figured what the heck… daily application for one week early am and before nightfall when no hornets were (actually) present. Quickly noticed a reduction in activity after about 4 days. Continued applying product for another week with ever decreasing visits from the hungry hoard. When we reached 18 days from the first application we reached 0 visits. No reason to think they will return. If so, will buy more.

September 11, 2021

Larry Hoover @ 7:14 am #


Second year for European hornets destroying our lilac bush as they chew the bark for making nests and consume the sap. Carefully and slowly, as the bush was full of hornets, placed small drops of Maxforce Carpenter Ant Gel where the bark was chewed using a third of the syringe each day for three consecutive days. The application syringe the product came in was the perfect delivery method. The hornet supposedly eat this and when excreted at the nest it kills off the entire hive. Two days after the last application I only saw one hornet in the lilac bush and after that I haven’t seen any. I’m thinking this worked and would definitely recommend it’s use for European hornets. provided this product at a reasonable price with fast shipping! Thanks, Larry

September 13, 2021

Neil Morgan @ 12:43 pm #


Amazing on European Hornets! This stuff works amazing on European Hornets. At first I put the stuff on the tree where the nest was but the second time I did it a hornet came out fast at I decided to put out a piece of wood near the tree. After a few treatments they were gone! A little over one half tube worked. Be sure to reapply every 3/4 days or so. Maybe faster if they eat it quickly? I’m working on my second nest now at my neighbors house. So much better than spending $150 to the pest company last year at a different location.
Excellent customer service also. Thanks so much!

October 19, 2021

Elizabeth Smith @ 4:52 pm #


I had quite an infestation of European Hornets on my lilac bush. They were eating the bark away and were fairly aggressive. Apparently they also have a very painful bite, so you have to be very careful! I tried bug spray but it did not work, so I purchase this product. It took 3-4 days of daily application, but the whole problem completely disappeared! Would recommend.

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