PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This is an electronic device which heats up to the range of temperature that fleas are able to see. They are attracted to it because they perceive the device as a kitten or a dog lying on the floor. Once they jump at the trap they will fall through the grid on the base and get stuck in a non-toxic glueboard. The trap costs less than $.05 a month to operate and will attract fleas from up to 25 feet away. The REPLACEABLE GLUE PADS can last up to three months or replace when filled with fleas.

WHERE TO USE IT: In any part of the home.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Each trap will cover up to 800 square feet of living area.

$18.00   (822742)(COMES WITH 1 GLUE PAD)(4+ $15.00 ea)
Order online and save 5%

$10.00 (822744) Replacement Glue Pads (3 PADS PER PACK)(3+ $8.00 ea) (Free Standard Shipping)
Order online and save 5%


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July 11, 2016

Julie Crawford @ 8:02 am #


Hi Guys!
We have been at WAR with fleas for over 5 years!!! One of the problems was our daughter had a lot of stuff in her room, so treating professionally just wasn't helping. Now our daughter bought her first place, and we find ourselves empty nesters. Our pets have passed away, and the bedroom where we had the worst infestation is empty! We had one more professional treatment AND purchased 4 of the flea traps. The bedroom is very large, so every 15 ft we placed a trap. So far, we have captured about 25 of the nasty animals! Like the video said, we know more have hatched and just bit it (professional term for expiring) before making the hop to the trap!!! So glad we got the traps and I hope to update this a few months from now, coz that empty room? Yep it'! s Momma's craft room to be!!! Thanks!

July 24, 2016

Joy May @ 2:28 pm #

They are working really well. I tried so many other things and spent so much money but these traps work.

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