PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Small device which is placed where you don't want pet cats to go. Can be powered by the included AC adapter or by a 9 volt battery. Set it where you don't want pets to go. Next, load the included battery into the pet transmitter which is about the size of a nickel and weighs nothing. This transmitter will emit a signal all the time which is very faint and weak. However, when 5-10 feet away from the base unit, this signal will be strong enough to activate the base and causing it to send out a pattern of Ultra Sounds which are annoying to cats, dogs and other household pets. Typically the pet will move away from areas where the sound is being heard. Most pets will learn quickly to stay away from where the sound is present.

WHERE TO USE IT: Counter tops, doorways, windows, ledges, flower pots, around fish tanks and just about anywhere inside where it will be protected from rain since they are not weatherproof. The guide to follow is simple – place them where you don't want your pet to go.

RATE OF APPLICATION: One unit will be activated when the transmitter is within 5-10 feet. Multiple units can be installed and they will all be activated by the same transmitter.

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