PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Rectangular box which measures 6 inches tall, 6 inches wide and 13 inches long. Inside it has two compartments. Generally placed outside, such houses are used to lure and keep bumble bees around which help pollinate flowers.

HOUSE FEATURES: Our house has several features making it a great bumble bee house. These features include the following: Two compartments inside: the first measures 5 inches by 6 inches and serves as a staging ground where bees will defecate and set up defenses from the main nesting cavity located at the back of the house.  The back or main cavity measures 8 inches by 6 inches and this is where queens will spend their lives.  Solid construction with removable top (four wood screws hold the top on) so you can clean the house once a year. Comes with cardboard bottom in first chamber and nest material in back chamber. All of this should be removed once a year after the house has been used. Leave alone if queens are overwintering in the back nest chamber.  Sealing gasket included which seals the roof preventing water from leaking in which could kill off the nest. Nest material of cotton and wood shavings is included. Peep hole on side with sliding wood cover and protective screen allows visual inspection of the main nest chamber so you can view bees once they are living inside. Also can serve as a vent by keeping just slightly open if house is kept in excessively hot region. Elevated wood feet enable the house to be placed out without having to be in direct contact with ground allowing the house to resist rot and decay due to high moisture. Front entrance hole is painted soft yellow which has been found to be what bumble bees see and are attracted to which should help to get them active in your house faster. Though the rest of the house can be painted, it is suggested to leave it natural looking.

WHERE TO USE IT: Outside where bumble bees are active. This could be in a garden, along a fence row, under hedges, between elevation breaks, by a flower bed, around mulch piles and just about anywhere bumble bees have been seen foraging.

RATE OF APPLICATION: If you want to get a nest formed, it is best to have as many as you can placed out where bees have been seen. There really is no limitation or restrictions and since they make a great conversation piece, the more the merrier.

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