MOTH TRAP2 PACKPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A long, rectangular shaped “box” trap which has a “gluey” interior. The glue has a special pheromone attractant which attracts adult male Indian Meal Moths, Mediterranean Flour Moths and more. Once inside, they’ll get stuck on the glue.

WHERE TO USE:   Anywhere unwanted moth activity is observed but typically the pantry, closets, garages and limited parts of the home. Can be used throughout any home, commercial processing plant, warehouse or storage building.


RATE OF APPLICATION:   One trap per cabinet and for most pantries, one trap is enough. Be sure to replace them as they fill or dry out (traps should be replaced in 3 months unless the glue gets dry sooner or if they fill up). If you’ve been setting out traps for 6 months or more and still have activity, you will have to step up to the Suppressing Moth Traps which will trap both Male and Females and remove this style from the home.

$12.00 ea  (2 Pk)(826328)(3+ $10.00 ea)(FREE STANDARD SHIPPING)
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$95.00   CS  (12  2/PKS)(826329)(FREE STANDARD SHIPPING)
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May 11, 2015

Charles Simkins @ 9:54 am #


The traps work. The moth infestation has dropped and the traps have a lot of moths stuck. So they work like a charm. There were a few moths flying about, which I catch with the vacuum cleaner hose, but most seem to be trapped right away.

October 13, 2015

Daniel DiRienzo @ 7:45 am #


Traps were easy to set-up, ready to use right out of box. We immediately saw results with many moths caught in the first hours of setting traps. Moths continue to accumulate in the traps and we are looking forward to eventual elimination of the infestation. has been my go to source for pest control for many years and they have come through again with this product.

August 27, 2018

Linda Dillingham @ 5:34 pm #


Works Great!! I was having a meal moth invasion in my home after purchasing wheat bran for my mealworms. Setup was easy and convenient. Once I set the traps I began catching moths right away and definitely noticed a decrease in moth activity. It works just as promised and I’m very happy with the results.

October 26, 2018

Linda Stevens @ 3:35 pm #


I have used two traps. One trap caught 2 moths. The other trap is empty.

April 21, 2020

Libby Ann S. @ 1:19 pm #


Have used this type of trap for many years. If you have ever had meal moth infest your pantry, you will never go without these traps so that it won’t happen again. The vender who I ordered from in the past has gone of business, so was extremely happy to see that your company carries these traps.

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