Hide Beetle Trap

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Glue trap which uses sexual pheromones as attractants and is set out where you either have activity or suspect activity. Emerging adults will find the trap, enter and get stuck on the glue catching them before they are able to mate and lay eggs. Excellent monitoring device which should be used in conjunction with the other treatments.

WHERE TO USE IT: Anywhere in the home where activity has been found. Such areas include cabinets, bookshelves and pantries.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Try to set at least one out in every room where you have seen activity. When using in closets and cabinets, be sure to have one in every sealed compartment. The Pheromone is not detectable by people or pets but will surely be found by the targeted insects. Be sure to inspect them once a week and replace as they fill with insects. Most traps will remain active for 2-3 months so replace them after this time period even if they are not filled. However, if the trap fills in 2 weeks, be sure to replace it as soon as there is no more glue area on which adults can get caught.

TARGET INSECTS: Hide beetles, incinerator beetles, larder beetles and meat beetles.

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January 23, 2015

Steve Evans @ 9:57 am #

Hi, Good Afternoon,
My name is Steve Evans, General Manager of a Company in the UK called Livefoods Direct. We breed Locusts, crickets and mealworms for the reptile trade. We are having a major problem with our mealworm production as we have a major infestation of Larder Beetle in the mealworm colony. I have spoken to our pest control guys (Killgerm) who are not aware of a specific pheromone for larder beetle. Could you tell me a little about this product and is it larder/hide beetle specific? Obviously we can’t use a general insecticide as the larder beetle is actually in the mealworm breeding trays. But if we can stop the beetle breeding this obviously gives us a chance of diminishing the problem.

May 9, 2016

Josh Leonard @ 6:18 pm #


Works great on Dermestid Larder Beetles! We are fighting a dermestid larder beetle infestation in our taxidermy collection for our Nature Center. We are using many tools, including sticky traps. We are using plain sticky traps, generic “pheromone traps” that advertise use for cockroaches, and then these Hide Beetle LP Pheromone traps. The Hide Beetle LP Pheromone traps had many times the number of beetles stuck in them, more than any of the other traps we are using. Although they are more expensive, they are totally worth it! We cut the pheromone stick in two in order to double the traps with the pheromone lure. They still work great!

November 27, 2021

Kathleen Beachler @ 8:22 am #


Thank you. Easy to put together.

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