Raticator Plus Tale Kit 3 Pack
Raticator Zapper


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:       This kit includes the Raticator Plus and the Raticator Rat Tale monitor. The Raticator Plus is powered by 4 “AA” batteries which can last for up to 50 kills; use lithium batteries for up to 100 kills per set of batteries. The unit features an off/on switch located on top. It is a plastic framed housing which has a metal pad on the floor where targeted rodents will walk. When turned on, the pad carries a negative charge on one side and a positive charge on the other side.

Rodents which enter the chamber will act as a bridge between the two pads and effectively ground it out leading to their death. The remote monitor plugs into either the Raticator Plus or Raticator Max and has a little light on it with a 12 foot cord. Use the Rat Tale when you want to locate the main device somewhere not easily accessible. Just check the monitor from time to time to see if you “scored”. We also sell this kit in a three pack, which includes three Plus Units and three Tale Monitors.

Raticator Plus Tale Kit 3 Pack


Bait with pet food, bird seed and for added lure, some of our PECAN PASTE. Just be sure to set the Pecan Paste in something that will contain it like a plastic soda bottle or water bottle cap. This way the paste won’t “run” if the device is deployed in a hot area.

WHERE TO USE IT:      Attics, crawl spaces, garages, drop ceilings and any place where you have rodent activity. Can also be used outside but when doing so, make sure it’s well protected from water. The TRAP TUBE is designed to help protect it and strongly suggested if you plan on using one in a wet crawl space or outside. Be sure to keep it away from where small dogs have access. The rule is any dog under 10 lbs will be vulnerable to it; old dogs could get hurt by it as well. Children and people in general are not at risk though the shock would be painful. However, be sure to keep it away from where anyone can find it accidentally or if they can, be sure to have it marked clearly that it is designed to deliver an electric shock.

RATE OF APPLICATION: At least one per area of activity. Like most devices for rodents, the more you have the better and if you have several areas of activity you can avoid having to move the device around to complete your control program by having two or three.

PRODUCT SIZE:   Each unit is approximately 4″ wide by 4″ tall by 10″ long and weighs around 1 lb.


$70.00   (822846)(Single Raticator with 1 Rat Tale)
Order online and save 5%

$190.00   (822848)(3 Raticators with 3 Rat Tales)
Order online and save 5%


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