PIGEON NH2448 24″ X 36″ X 48″

PIGEON NH2448 24" X 36" X 48"

PIGEON NH2448 24" X 36" X 48"

TRAP DESCRIPTION: Live Pigeon Trap which is able to catch 50 – 100 birds with one setting. It is 2 feet tall, 3 feet wide and 4 feet long. This trap has 6 panels which go together quickly; 4 side panels and 2 top pieces but no bottom. There are 8 swing doors for the birds to enter. You can remove pigeons from either side or by lifting it up and “bagging them”. A must for the serious pigeon problem, this trap is heavy and designed to withstand strong wind and harsh weather. Big enough to hold a man!

WHERE TO USE IT: On a flat section of ground or roof.

RATE OF APPLICATION: One setting can catch over 50 – 100 birds.

$120.00   (822270)


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