NH8816 1D REPEATER 8″ X 8″ X 15″

NH8816 1 D REPEATER 8" X 8" X 15"

NH8816 1 D REPEATER 8" X 8" X 15"

TRAP DESCRIPTION: 8″ Wide x 8″ Tall x 15″ Long. It has an entrance door which acts like a see-saw. This door will tip open so small animals can enter. Once inside, the door will close. Other animals will be able to enter as well. The entrance has an adjustment which can be set to close the door quickly. This could become important in some cases where animals learn to exit as others are entering. There is a removal door which can be used to remove trapped animals or to bait the holding area. Use this design if you are able to inspect the trap daily. If animals are left in the device for long periods of time, they will likely figure out how to escape. Very handy for large populations as you can expect to catch several a day.

$40.00   (822226)


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