NH2361 12″ X 12″ X 36″

NH2361 12" X 12" X 36"


NH2361 12" X 12" X 36"

TRAP DESCRIPTION: 12″ Wide x 12″Tall x 36″ Long. Like most NH designed traps, this model incorporates a heavy steel frame on which 1″ square wire is mounted. There is a extra wire around the back of the trap where bait is placed to keep animals from being able to reach in and get to it. The heavy door is set with the unique “U” hook which is easy to widen for light sets or close for heavy setting. Very much a commercial quality and built to last.

WHERE TO USE IT: Outside or inside. Great for trapping medium size animals.

RATE OF APPLICATION: One is usually enough unless you are trapping a family. When trapping families, consider getting more than one for faster catches of all animals.

$60.00   (822190)

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