PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Device which uses a 9 volt battery and works to remove air borne contaminates and allergens by “charging” them with an electric charge. This charge causes known allergens to simply drop or “fall” from the air so they have no impact on allergen suffers. This device is more of a mobile or “personal” unit which comes with a belt clip and neck strap so you can keep it on you where ever you travel. It also includes a stand so that you can set it up at work, home, restaurants, etc. Battery life should be 30 hours or longer.

WHERE TO USE IT: Any room or area which is suspected of harboring known allergens. Carry it with you for use in the car, doctors office, restaurants, work, office, etc. It is really designed to be used in conjunction with the Plug-In unit so you are able to keep the air around you allergen safe where ever you travel.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Generally one unit per room up to 600 sq/ft. When using it alongside yourself, it will keep the air immediately around you allergen free.

$70.00   (772115)
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