PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Mechanical device which looks like a large spider and is activated by movement. When activated, it will release an 18 inch length of cord which causes it to drop down from where it is mounted. Motion, movement and vibrations will activate it and most any bird landing close will cause it to trigger off. Commonly used to repel woodpeckers, this visual repellent can be set out to chase away most any bird including starling, pigeons, ducks, geese. vultures, sparrows, swallows and more.




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July 14, 2015

Jerry West @ 9:03 pm #


Attack Spider works great! Was having a problem with woodpeckers every day. Since I hung the attack spider on the eve of the house I haven’t had a single woodpecker. Great product.

August 26, 2015

Gary S. @ 6:50 am #


I think they will work. I have tried everything else for this damm woodpecker. I’m setting up 6 of these and so far no more holes. At first he kept moving around the house but now, the whole house is covered and by the time the batteries die, he will also! G.

August 30, 2015

Gary S. @ 4:05 pm #


I first bought 3 and hung them where one woodpecker was drilling a 1 1/2 inch hole and making his home in the top of the 2nd floor window trim just a foot from the eves. Boom, he moved around the other side of my stucco house. He is tenacious. I now have 12 spiders hanging around the eves of the house and no new holes. Its only been a few weeks but I believe this is the cure. I also think just the visual of these spiders scares him now. Ill keep them up for a year to make sure he doesn’t return.

November 8, 2015

Cathy @ 12:37 pm #


Very pleased with the spider. No more pecking at 6 am. However, spider is soooo sensitive that a good hard rain storm has him dancing all day. All in all, it was the best solution for a very annoying problem.

November 6, 2016

Peter Drude @ 12:06 pm #


Works like a charm! The attack spider arrived Halloween day. What better way to test it’s attributes. A knock on the door is all it took and the spider jumps, I mean drops into action. I haven’t found out yet if it will take care for the Woodpecker problem I purchased it for. I was skeptical that the tapping of a bird would activate the mechanism. Now after experimenting, I have no doubt. I believe it will do the trick… no pun intended. Thank you from Cape Cod.

December 26, 2017

Deanna Soderberg @ 11:49 am #


I live in an (apparently) delicious log house and have a couple pairs of pileateds who like chopping at the ends of the logs. I put one spider on each corner of the house and so far (three weeks in) they have stayed away. The spiders are very sensitive to noise, so I rigged them on strings to lower them to turn them off when I shovel or know I’ll be making noise. Gave one to a friend in a cedar house and the woodpeckers are staying away from her place, too. They work!

October 25, 2019

Laurie Phillips @ 11:48 am #

Is this hung outside only? I cannot reach the top of the huge window that the woodpecker is attacking. It is a red bellied woodpecker that can make a lot of noise! Can I hang it inside (which I really can’t reach either!)? This woodpecker goes from 3 different windows—kitchen, large atrium window leading downstairs, and master bedroom! No damage that I can see, just pecking at windows.

April 25, 2020

John M. @ 7:42 am #


To date 4-18-20 I have noticed no new soft ball size holes due to woodpecker issues. I have only been able to put up one of the three spiders I did order. Just the one seems to have done the trick. We moved out here 02/2009, minor woodpecker issues, but not each and every year, but this year they found a weak point in the wall area (rear of home). They were pulling out the insulation etc in order to nest. I was going to get an Attack Bear but instead got the Attack Spider.
I mentioned “ATTACK BEAR” because back in the day on the Sanford & Son show Roger Mosley was sent out by Fred to buy some plumbing parts and came back with a huge bear on his hind legs stuffed and mounted. He told Fred that this was a good investment because he could stick it in the window and shine a flood light on it and the bear would scare away the bad guys.


April 28, 2020

Wayne Cornish @ 6:14 pm #


I had wood peckers destroying my my cedar siding. I tried everything. To my amazement this product actually works. They are not waterproof so we’ll wait to see what happens when the rains comes.

June 5, 2020

William Luper @ 9:25 am #


Good Product! I installed 3 of these spider devices placing them under the eves on 3 sides of my home. They are working as advertised. The slightest pecking set them off. I have had them for 15 days.

June 6, 2020

BG @ 7:54 am #


I was incredulous when I saw the demo but I figured I had nothing to lose. I placed it right above the hole and haven’t had the woodpecker since then. It worked great and as advertised. The only thing is I have shingles on the side and one of it’s legs got stuck while retracting back so he never fully retracted but that’s ok. The other thing is it drives my wife crazy as it’s on the front of the house and she’s afraid the neighbors will think it’s a Halloween decoration we never took down. I don’t care – it seems to have worked for now and I’m 3 weeks into owning it. I would buy again or another if he goes to a different part of the house.

June 24, 2020

Cathy Hawkes @ 11:09 am #


Works great keeping wood peckers away.

January 15, 2021

Stephanie A Smith @ 10:38 am #

Will this work in a small tree? I have a sapsucker destroying a 7 foot cherry tree. How would I mount it there? Thank you!

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