PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Hand held device which is powered by a 9 volt battery (not included) with several features. The most popular is the ultra sound alarm it can emit which is designed to stop aggressive dogs from getting to close to you when you are out walking, jogging, etc. It also features a switch which will turn on power to a head lamp so the Dog Repeller can be used as a flashlight. A push of another button activates a loud alarm which can be used if you are hurt or need to get the attention of nearby people. This same alarm can be used to ward off would be attackers since it features two ways of activation. The push button will keep it on continuously but all you need to do is push it again to turn it off. However, the pull switch at the back can be removed which will keep the sound going all the time. Use this when you don’t want the attacker turning it off or if you are being attacked by a dog and want to make certain the alarm is on so anyone around can offer some help. Though not intended for use on neighborhood dogs which are barking, some people will keep one with them so when they are out in the yard and a nearby dog is barking they can use it to help distract the animal. If such behavior is more then just occasional, you may consider the use of the Ultra Sound Barker Stopper which is designed for such applications and can be installed on your property. Since it is activated by the sound of barking dogs, it can be remotely set up to work when dogs start to bark – even if you are not around. This device, the Portable Dog Repeller, is not intended for such use.

WHERE TO USE IT: Generally outside when walking about and the risk of being confronted by aggressive people or dogs is a possibility.

RATE OF APPLICATION: The Dog Repeller will get the attention of dogs up to 50 feet away; the Personal Alarm feature can be heard for several hundred yards.

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