PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Mothers Earth Dust is Diatomaceous Earth which will provide a few months of residual as well as a desiccant action similar to what Drione does. It won’t last as long and it won’t flush well compared to Drione. Furthermore, it won’t be nearly as repellent. To get more of these qualities, adding Cyfluthrin Dust to the mix will generate a good flush. This dust has no desiccating action but it does contain Cyfluthrin. This Synthetic Pyrethroid is related to Pyrethrin and is generally an irritant to insects. The Cyfluthrin will provide some much needed “flush” or “kick” the Mothers Earth Dust by itself won’t possess. Combined the two will act like a low grade Drione and will yield acceptable results in the absence of Drione.

KIT COMPONENTS: Two (2) 8 oz Jars of Mother Earth Dust and One (1) 1.25 Pound Jar of Cyfluthrin Dust. (Kit includes 2.25 lbs of dust altogether)

MIXING DIRECTIONS: Add one part of Mothers Earth Dust to one part Cyfluthrin Dust. After adding these amounts to your duster, gently shake it for 5-7 seconds and you should have a good mix ready to apply.

WHERE TO USE IT: Attics, crawl spaces, wall voids, bee nests, ant nests, cracks, crevices, up under siding, sofits, gutters and any place one needs to apply a dust.

RATE OF APPLICATION: 1 lb covers up to 500 sq/ft. Use a Crusader, Centro Bulb Duster or one of the other dusters we have listed in our article.

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