PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Essentially a Temp Vent but with a motor built into the back housing which powers a fan. When on, the fan will pump air out of designated air spaces. It runs on 110 volts and is ideal for moist, damp, humid crawl spaces which need some type of extra ventilation. The fan is strong and can displace about 7200 cubic air space an hour. The size of the unit is designed to fit the average 8″ by 16″ opening and it does come with clips and mounting hardware to insure a tight fit.

WHERE TO USE IT: Though designed for crawl spaces, Power Vents can be used for a multitude of applications. These include air spaces under decks, attics, sheds, well houses and filter rooms. The application scenario’s include any situation where you need to displace air from a designated space which does not have good ventilation.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Though each vent can pump out up to 7200 cubic feet of air per hour, it is recommended that you get enough vents to do this 4-6 times per hour. To calculate how many vents you will need, first multiply the length times the width of the crawl space. Next, multiply that total times the height of the space. Now multiply the number of air changes per hour you want and then divide that total by 7200 to determine just how many vents you will need. Here is a detailed example where the width of the space is 30 feet, the length is 40 feet and the height is 3 feet. When you multiply 30 x 40 x 3 you come up with 3600 cubic feet. Now multiply that total by 5, an average amount of air changes per hour, and you get a grand total of 18,000. Divide this by 7200, the amount of air a unit can displace an hour, and you come up with 2.5. Since you can’t have 2.5 units, you would need 3 units to properly ventilate this area. If you need some help calculating this total, send us and e-mail or call. We will need to know the width, the length and the height of the space to do the calculation.




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March 7, 2014

Roger Thompson @ 1:44 am #

So here is my problem. I have a vent wired into a remote switch upstairs but the fans will not turn on when it is 50 degrees or lower. I have odor issues coming up through the floor boards in the winter and the smell is just awful. In summer that powered vent fan runs great and no smell. I know I must carefully monitor the crawl space to avoid freezing but my pipes run parallel to the heat ducts and ac and are so far away I doubt I would have issues. In any event all I want to do is exit the stink out on my own on a cold night without worrying about the thermostat over riding my efforts. I probably wasted money on what I have and should have bought yours. Will your unit do what I want?

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