PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This deluxe  spreader is designed to apply granules on lawns and gardens. The granules can be any type of fertilizer or insecticide. All work off the same principle.  This is the deluxe model, however this still has similar features as the other two spreaders.

Here are the similarities:
1) They work by turning a crank which twists a prop located on the bottom of the holding tank. To treat you depress a button which allows granules to fall out onto the prop which is being turned by the crank. The prop in turn propels the granules 5-10 feet around.

2) They can use granules of just about any type as long as they are designed to be used around homes and gardens.

3) They all have adjustments so that you are able to control the rate at which the granules fall out the bottom.

4) They are all portable and can go where you walk – a great advantage over push or pull type applicators.

5) All propel granules evenly and consistently.

This Solo Spreader Deluxe model can hold far more then the other two and has many features and design advantages making it supreme for jobs on turf that will be over 10,000 sq/ft.

Some of these advantages include the following:
1) It has a holding tank which is 5 times as large. This allows for less fill ups and more coverage per tank.

2) It has a comfortable carrying strap which goes around your neck and shoulder so your body is able to carry the extra weight easily. This makes the work and weight much easier to manage.

3) It has a much better turning mechanism which lasts longer, is easier to turn and it’s prop propels the granules more evenly and consistently.

4) It has a wider range of adjustments insuring you get the right flow.

5) It has a directional setting so you are able to control exactly what side of the unit granules come out. The Small unit propels granules at a fixed 180 degrees. This unit starts out at 180 degrees but you are able to reduce it just about nothing which is handy when you have small areas you need to treat and don’t want to waste material.

WHERE TO USE IT: All can work well for treating most any yard, plant bed or hard to reach area under decks or behind structures. All are easy enough to carry up steep terrain and all allow you to treat where conventional push or pull type spreaders simply cannot go.


$85.00   (287840)
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February 14, 2015

betty @ 5:18 pm #


Please explain:

1. How holding a spreader and dispersing granules in front of the body doesn’t get debris all over a person walking behind it.

2. Exactly in what ways are your spreaders better than the kind with wheels that are pushed on the ground.


February 15, 2015

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