B&G 5800 4-Way Tip Only for SPRAYER

BG 5800 4-Way Tip Only

BG 5800 4-Way Tip Only


This is the 5800 4-Way Tip.  It features two fan patterns both course and fine.  It also features two stream patterns course and  pin stream.  This is used on a B&G Stainless Steel Sprayer with Extenda-Ban Valve.  This can also be used with the Pistol Pro Series Sprayers.  Not shown on Diagram on page 3 or on pages 27,28 and 29 of the 2009 Complete Extended Repair Manual.  This can be used instead of the 5800-CC in any of those diagrams.  Unless you do a lot of Crack and Crevice spraying this would be the preferred tip.

$40.00   (281028)

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