PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Biological formulation which breaks down the slime and other organic buildup that will accumulate on drain pipes. It will not hurt the pipe regardless of the material the pipe is made from. Takes away the breeding ground insects will use including drain or moth flies, fungus flies, phorid flies but also springtails, ants, psocids, book lice, roaches and more.

WHERE TO USE IT: Drain lines from the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, showers, tubs and food disposals.

RATE OF APPLICATION: 4-8 ounces per drain per week until the problem subsides. Treat late at night, just before retiring, and allow the treatment to sit in the drain as long as possible before running the water again. If insects are appearing during the week, use PT-CYKICK down the drain daily as needed. It will kill active pests and help break the cycle that much faster.

$12.00   (775272) 32 oz
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