PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Motion detector built onto a sprinkler head which is configured to spray at animals which come into the adjustable “line of sight” or “zone”.

The sprayer is set in the ground by pushing the included stake down. Once securely in the ground the head is directed at the range you want to protect.

The motion detector can “see” for up to 40 feet and has a field of view over 105 degrees. Any animals walking into the “zone” will get targeted by the motion detector and then sprayed by the sprayer. It will release a 3 second blast of water and then reset itself within 10 seconds.

Once reset it will start looking for any more motion in it’s field of view.

Each Sprayer features:

1) Adjustable zone setting or motion detector sensitivity.

2) Adjustable sprinkler so that you can zero in on targets regardless of water pressure.

3) Foot bar used to help drive the stake into the ground.

4) Decals with large Eye pattern which can help to scare off nuisance animals.

5) Pass through port so that several can be hooked up in series all drawing water off the same water line.

6) Motion sensor is powered by a standard 9 volt battery which is included with the

WHERE TO USE IT: Anywhere on your property you don’t want certain animals active. As long as you can run a garden hose to where you want to place one you will be able to use it effectively since water is required.y which will last for several months with normal use.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Each Sprayer has an effective range of up to 40 feet out though you should try to set it at no more than 35 feet. This is primarily due to accuracy issues. Though it will be able to spray over 40 feet it may not be accurate enough due to wind, landscape changes, etc.

$60.00   (748863)(3+ $58.00)
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April 15, 2018

Semper @ 9:20 am #


Does it work? Yes …. to a certain extent because animals are creatures of habit. You break their habit and you control your mission. Only bad feature it is only battery operated.

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