PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:    Small cigar sized box that uses sound to repel nuisance animals. It has features which make it ideal for outdoor applications including a built in motion detector, variable settings, weatherproof casing and the option of running it on AC power or "C" cell batteries. The motion detector has a range of approximately 35 ft x 70 ft but the sound can cover open areas up to 5000 sq/ft.

This unit has a wide range of settings and will prove effective for animals like Armadillo, Bats, Bobcats, Cats, Coyote, Dogs, Deer, Fox, Javelina, Marmots, Mice, Pigs, Rabbits, Rats, Raccoon, Rock Chucks, Skunk and Wild Hogs. It also works for Squirrels.

It comes with an AC power converter that can be used to power the unit via an electric outlet and should be used this way if you wish to run it continuously. The included power cord is over 35 feet long (lengths vary from 35-40 feet) and it can be lengthened if desired (it uses standard 12 volt gauge electric cord and you can easily splice additional lengths to it if you need longer lengths).

You can also power it with 4 "C" cell batteries and when powering it by batteries, you should have it set to "motion detector" monitoring. Since the unit will only use power when activated, the batteries should last several months (don't run it continuously with batteries as this will "kill" the batteries within a week).

The sound settings are adjusted by dialing a rotating switch located on the back of the unit (see video below for complete directions and a demonstration). Target animals are all listed on the unit and can be "dialed" in as needed.

The sound travels in the path much like the light coming from a flashlight; its approximately 45 degrees wide. Think of the path like a slice of "pizza"; the tip of the slice would be where the sound starts and by the time it reaches the "crust", its about that wide. Now in open areas with no vegetation, the width is wider. Maybe 60 degrees. But if there is a lot of undergrowth, shrubs, bushes, etc. the sound waves will get broken up, distorted and effectively reduced.

There is also a slide switch for power options. These settings include Off, AC only and AC/Battery. When set to AC/Battery, the unit will use the batteries when electricity is not available so use this setting if you intend on powering it by batteries. This unit is weatherproof and should be installed where pest animals are actively seeking food or harborage.

PRODUCT SIZE:     7" Wide by 6" Tall by 4" Deep.

WHERE TO USE IT: Ultra Sound is a sound which many animals can hear but has limitations. First, it is very much directional. This means you must be directly in it's line – much like a beam of light from a flashlight – to hear it.

Second, Ultra Sound does not penetrate anything solid. This means it cannot go through walls, plants, around buildings, etc. It is effective only in the area directly in front of where a unit is placed and depending on the placement, anywhere from 1000 to 5000 sq/ft.

Third, Ultra Sound has a wide frequency range and generally one range which might bother one animal will not bother another. For this reason any good unit will either emit a variable sound pattern or allow you to adjust the setting.

Fourth, do not use these to protect any kind of food in the yard. Fruits and vegetables – especially those grown in the garden – will be too attractive for most any animal to ignore and they will usually forego the discomfort of sound to get a good meal.

** SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT PETS **   The use of Ultra Sound cannot injure animals including pets. As explained above, the sounds emitted will make certain animals uncomfortable and want to move elsewhere. But the range of sound is variable and specific. That means if you are trying to repel rats or bats and dial in that setting, dogs and cats won't mind the sound even though they can hear it.

TARGET ANIMALS:      Armadillo, Bats, Bobcats, Cats, Coyote, Deer, Dogs, Fox, Javelina, Opossum, Mice, Rabbits, Raccoon, Rats, Skunk and Squirrels. Set the unit in the range of your target animal and vary the setting by adjusting it every 5-7 days. Here's a closeup of the setting know with target animals listed:YARD GARD SETTINGS




$60.00   (747788)(3+ Units $50.00 ea)
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June 24, 2014

Fox @ 10:20 am #

What if you have a dog but want to use the ultrasound to keep away bobcats?

August 22, 2014

Naomi Kohrman @ 3:42 pm #

Is there any chance there is a setting on this to repel black vultures?

December 20, 2014

Floyd Lollar @ 3:19 pm #

Which ultra sonic device is specific to ward off bobcats?

December 21, 2014
February 12, 2015

Jennifer @ 11:34 am #

I want to keep stray cats away from my bird feeder on my porch. There is one cat in particular that has already killed a bird as of this morning. It sits in the exact same spot on my porch every morning waiting to attack one. If I am using the AC adapter instead of the battery with this device, does that mean it is always making the sound… or is it still only motion activated at this point? Also, the description says that the cat has to be directly in front of the device to even hear it… if that is true, how can it cover up to 5000 square feet? Also, will the sound scare away the birds trying to eat from my feeder? I really want to get something to keep this cat (and all cats) away from my feeder area. I'm just hesitant because it is a porch where steps are involved and many levels for the cat to sit and wait. Will this product be effective in my situation?

February 18, 2015

Jennifer Engle @ 3:21 am #

I was interested in keeping bob cats off of a roof, so they will not jump in the yard and attack my small dogs. Will that work and how would it secure to the roof without blowing off?


March 7, 2015

Roz @ 3:15 pm #

I live in Tucson. I have a small front yard with a desert oak tree that takes up most of the yard. Seasonally, the tree drops acorns which attract javelina at night. I would like to keep them away, as they really mess up my yard. I've tried spraying mountain lion urine along the yard's perimeter. But because my yard is so small they easily override the smell in their quest for food. Can you help?

April 1, 2015

Ki Edwards @ 6:07 am #

I need something that will keep my dogs from digging up my lawn. Will this device do the trick? If not, any suggestions?

April 11, 2015

William Chapman @ 1:45 pm #


All's well so far…

July 20, 2015

Michael J Porter @ 11:57 pm #

I am looking for something that will keep mice and other rodents out of my cabin. Will this product work if I keep it on all the time? I do not have electricity but run everything off solar panels and 12 v batteries.

July 21, 2015
October 29, 2016

terri @ 1:58 pm #

Thank you for your Q&A section. I am purchasing a house in FL that borders woods on one side. There is a 6' chain link fence. The area is prone to bobcats. I have 7 cats and a yorkie. I am getting the Purrrrfect fence overhang to keep the cats on but I'm scared a bobcat will jump over the fence. Will this keep them at bay? How many would I need for 150' of fence?

March 20, 2017

Vickie Koenig @ 1:28 pm #

Can the Yard Gard Ultra Sound Repeller be used around someone with a pacemaker? Thank you.

March 24, 2017

Loretta Colborn @ 3:32 pm #

I have a bat issue May through September at the front entry to my home. The house is stucco and the entry is quite recessed. We have a large pond about 150 feet from the rear of the house. Will this product deter the bats from the front entry? We have been fighting this battle for 7-8 years. Thanks!

March 25, 2017

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