PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  A slow release pheromone that “signals” to all incoming pine borers seeking a good tree to infest that the trees in this area are all “taken” so they stay away.

WHERE TO USE IT: Simply hang on trees you want to protect using a staple, nail or screw. Pouches are designed to “slow” release odor (undetectable by people and completely harmless to insects, mammals, etc.) for several months. Mount them 6-10 feet up any tree or stand of trees you want to protect; mount on the north side of the tree.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Set one pouch on any tree you want to protect; for stands of trees, 1 pouch for every 2500 sq/ft. Ideally place them out in the spring and late summer before the blossom surges of Sept-Oct-Nov. Pouches are active for 60-90 days.


$18.00 per pouch (749253)(3+ $16.00 ea)
Order online and save 5%


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