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I live on Lake Monroe in southern Indiana. I have 1500 sq ft of deck . We have a heavy concentration of nats that I have been treating with a burgess fogger and Black Flag Pyrethrin product. I am considering using your mini fogger with a mixture of 6% Prethrin (16oz jar), Premethrin Super concentrate (qt) and Nylar (4 oz) and also using your Linalool Large candles. I have a couple of questions.

First, do I mix all this in water?

Also, the Premethrin concentrate comes in a couple of options; which do you recommend?


One of the big advantages of going from a “hot” fogger to a cold fogger is that you can now use nothing but water to mix up chemical. This will save you “cost wise” big time. It will also be more “environment” friendly. So to answer your question, you can use water whether you decide to spray or mist the products you want to get.

Second, the PERMETHRIN is available in what we call PERMETHRIN SFR which is a formulation that’s 3-4 times stronger than the traditional Permethrin 10%. Performance wise there isn’t any difference. But with the super concentrate, you’ll only need to mix 25% as much active. So instead of using 4 oz of Perm 10 you’d only need 1 oz of Perm SFR.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Permethrin 10:

Permethrin SFR:

6 % Pyrethrin:


Fogmaster Mini Fogger:


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