Siphoning device which is hooked up to your garden hose that is supplying water to a water sprinkler. When water is running, material will be pulled through the siphoning device and slowly added to the water supply. This will enable the water sprinkler to effectively disperse the material being supplied by the siphon. It can be used for applying just about anything including fertilizer. It works at the rate of 16:1 which means that one part is siphoned out for every 16 parts that are applied. In other words, if you had one gallon of mixed material you wanted applied, it would take about 16 gallons of water running through the garden hose to apply the one gallon of mixed solution. For most homes with average water pressure, this would take around 5 minutes (minimum operating water pressure for siphon to work is 35 lbs). This rate is right in line with the amount of water needed to get the fertilizer down into the ground so follow these guidelines.

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